Sounds that Heal From Brazil 7/14/13

Topic: Sounds that heal. From Brazil. 14/07/13


Dear devotees.
I am full of joy because Krishna saved Sridham Prabhu of Germany, who was at the point of being paralyzed for life. One is always in this world with one foot in disaster. Sure, you have to see Krishna even in the time of difficulty. That difficulty is there so our compassion and solidarity grow.

These days I recorded many sounds that heal. This effort is an attempt to serve all of you more. I think these sounds that heal have multiple applications. Not only are they for people who are in bed but also for example for those who drive a car or who are imprisoned in a jail.

If anyone can put photos to these audios to embellish the message,then the meditative sound could reach otheres even better. The cover must be designed as well. In the edition the messages must interject with the beautiful music exclusively from Vrinda musicians.

Srila Prabhupada encouraged us with pure transcendental sound. There has been many themes and when one meditates on them it will reveal more and more dimensions, it is incredible. The philosophy of Vaishnavism is inexhaustible.

And I want you to keep expanding them to reach the hearts of all.
From Brazil with love.

Your always wisher
Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti.

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