The importance of Bhakti Yoga. From Mexico 08/18/13


My dear devotees
Accept my love from Mexico.
Today I want to talk about the importance of Bhakti Yoga above any process.

For a person who is just approaching these transcendental concepts, the science of astrology can help you greatly, for it seeks to decipher the karma of the people, confirming that there is reincarnation and that every action we take has an effect.

The level of detail that can be achieved with astrology is impressive, one can know up to the last point of life. So astrology, cosmology,seeks to interpret mathematically each tone that moves in the universe. It may seem as an exaggeration, but in quantum physics one is led to the same absolute conclusion of the cosmos, so scientists can not deny that all that they monitor and analyze of situations have an origin that goes far beyond this small birth we have. Everything has a reason and influence. If you are Mexican or Guatemalan, if you're rich or poor. All this has a reason and influence.

In the way that karma works in this world is very difficult to understand, but the fact that it works and the understanding of the natural law of karma gives us faith in the Infinite. If this knowledge is not enough for someone to develop faith in the Infinite, then that person does not deserve such faith. That vision of faith is not cheap. It is the spiritual vision  which can help one understand the mysticism of existence. If we want to root it from a materialistic point of view, we can focus from the quantum physics aspect, from cosmological analysis and it becomes very interesting that rational science and mysticism meet and are able to give explanations to each other. It is a paradigm that has emerged in recent times and has not yet been acknowledged openly. Why?:

-Because the materialists have a hard time admitting to mistake and change, it means recognizing that they have been wrong and that is not allowed by their false ego which covers everything. We do not want to accept that we were wrong or that materialistic teachings are wrong. Materialism wants to ensure happiness, but it only sells illusion. However it is so simple to check one's very experience to the extent that one becomes spiritualized since life becomes happier, but materialistic life materializes suffering only.

The Ashram life of  Bhakti Yoga is wonderful. It is an example of spiritualization and happiness. It is very beautiful, full of discipline and smiles because people feel happy. It is an unparalleled happiness which is obtained only by the infinite mercy that allows us to recognize our true identity. This happiness to recognize our true identity can be illustrated as follows: Imagine that you are very, very poor, have no money, no possessions but a small lottery to live off of. So crying is there, having nothing to eat, and one day you start to dig in the ground and find a wonderful treasure filled with gold and precious stones ... immediately you are overcome with joy, no more need or suffering from hunger, and you want to dance out of so much joy. Of course, the joy of knowing our true identity is much deeper, but it's like finding a wonderful treasure. The treasure that you have been looking for all your life.

The Vaishnavas who follow the process of bhakti-yoga come to the Ashrams to come together in their practice of sadhana-bhakti and are very happy. They discover that the gift they have received is more valuable than all the gold and precious stones in the world. That knowing their spiritual identity is the real treasure, which goes beyond any material treasure. Well, material treasures really do not exist since there are only illusions. Why?

-Because if you have a material treasure you have two permanent problems: you're always in anxiety over  the fear of losing your wealth and there is always very envious people around you. That is not happiness. It's just happiness in illusion and in reality it is suffering.
Our eternal nature is the pursuit of happiness. Happiness is the intrinsic nature of the soul, but because of the material conditioning, we forget it and look in the wrong places.

Some think that they will find happiness in material possessions. Others become intoxicated to "get happy", but again, they only engage in more and more suffering ... becoming increasingly despondent, becoming addicted to substances that take away the memory, will, and only  cause depression. Alcohol and drugs are the main causes of depression, not happiness. Illicit sex does not give happiness. People are guided by the gratification of the senses, they become enthusiastic to satisfy them so they work in order to indulge themselves. They base their human relations in the gratification they can obtain from others and thus this gives rise to their minds so that they do everything they can think of. But what can you expect from a lustful mind? Nothing good comes of it.

Someone has a girlfriend who appreciates and rewards her to the extent that she allows you to do everything you want. And worse, you are proud of your girlfriend and the gratification that comes. But sex is not a permanent happiness it is only temporary pleasure and then comes the account of that pleasure. The girlfriend who has been gratifying you now really wants marriage and then want to control the man and not only him, but also his economy. So then they want a credit card, buy them "stuff", etc.., Etc.., Etc..

A lustful mind is not happy, rather they only receive a greater nature of exploitation and seek it at a higher luxury. The alleged "sex brings happiness" at the end leaves you without economic freedom. It is a real fraud. The opposite of illicit sex is spiritual family. That means that, despite a couple having material bodies, all they do is run to the center, to God, and together they work to raise a family which is offered to God. A spiritual family has protected children which are led to happiness by their parents like real gurus. That's very nice, that's happiness.

I can give more examples of false happiness of materialism:
-The capitalist mafia industries have organized everything so well in order to exploit the poor in the best way. So the rich with anonymous consortia do not have to pay taxes, while the poor are exploited to pay. But that does not give happiness. The world of betrayal and exploitation can not give happiness. It's just a temporary illusion. That is the material world ...

The prison of the material world. But you can get out of here following  trusting people and you becoming a trust worthy person as well. What God gives is linked to happiness, it belongs to all and for all and confidence emerges naturally from it. But when it is something material it will only deliver suffering, and generates betrayal and distrust. The material world can not give happiness, it is a hell, there is nothing further from happiness than material illusion. Fortunately there are spiritual sanctuaries within the material world. Places where we can become trusted people working for a common good. Sites where we work together for maintenance and of which everyone can take part in, without exception, a house with the door open to all who wish to serve and strive for the welfare of all souls.

In the Ashram there is no illicit enrichment, all that is there in the temple belongs to everyone and to Krsna. If you are devoted then you become responsible for taking care of things and if you are not a devotee of Krsna, then you will become one, for we are here to make devotees. Devotees do not seek illicit enrichment, like Pariksit prabhu who has been here in Mexico with me for 20 years and never sought illicit enrichment, he came from Costa Rica for the sole purpose of serving. Thus, each of the farms and Ashrams of our family has the sole purpose of serving and not of illicit enrichment.

A few days ago in Bolivia a hippie community had a farm decided to give it to the devotees, so they reached the temple, we were invited to the place and made the scriptures. Now Bolivia has a beautiful estate for Krsna, who is under the care of all the devotees and now it can become another new place with open doors for everyone. And why give us a farm? Because they know that devotees tend the Ashrams to Krsna and not unlawfully enrich them.

Devotees give everything of what they get, because they know that we are all children of God and that the last owner of all is God Himself. And rather the child should behave in such a manner that he or she honors and satisfies their father. True happiness is God's side, you want to be happy you must go to God. Lord Krsna says very clearly that from the highest planet in the material world to the lowest there is only misery. But with God there is never misery, there is only happiness and love. The devotees, servants of God provide links to eternity. Real links. The spiritual world to which the soul belongs to  is beyond karmic constellations. If you want to get to that spiritual world you have to start acting like if you're a member of that world.

Devotion to God, bhakti-yoga is the process in which one subscribes to the transcendental cosmic amnesty to the absolute mercy. The material world causes such a tremendous addiction to illusion that it is almost impossible to get out of it, only those who take refuge in God can escape this world of organized fraud. Man must honor their special gift of life and develop spiritual discernment, the knowledge of the true spiritual identity which we have lost conscious awareness of due to contact with the material world. So our spiritual side is anesthetized, but we must work to revive that dormant state. Karmic life has no happiness, it's just mathematical logic: everything you do you will receive it back, period.

Everything that happens is because it has to happen, because there is a reason behind it. So there is nothing to fear, the negative that has come is there because it is part of the law of action and reaction. But the important thing is to that we do not live only for the astrological details of our past, no. The important thing is the goal, the goal that we are walking towards. That is essential and our goal is to awaken our true spiritual identity, back to our origin. That is the lesson that my dear Srila Prabhupada gave us in detail.

And today, this morning we have only reviewed the abc's of that divine transcendental teaching. That's my message for today, I thank each of you for joining me for another day and the nice service that you all do in the family of Srila Prabhupada.

I leave you with my love from Mexico.
The land of Radha Madhava
Jay Srila Prabhupada!

Your always well wisher,
Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti.

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