Aggression & How to Protect Ourselves from It. 9/8/13 From Puerto Rico


My dearest devotees
All my love from Puerto Rico .
We had a few quiet days with devotees . Yesterday we went to preach to a university .

Today I want to talk about aggression and how we can protect ourselves from it. When your relationships are based on aggressiveness , you lose the ability of conviction , reasoning, and power to handle the beauty of the intellect .

People who practice aggression differ in various aspects , some of them are : raising their voice excessively and intimidating, blackmailing others, deceiving and reaching points of  physical violence threats or violence itself . This indicates that these people do not practice the fine art of thinking and reflecting , much less do they come to spirituality. Guided only by their selfish ends , they turn to different types of violence: physical , verbal and even worse. An example is the case of the military , another case is that of criminals .

The current military forces , which have no basis in love or respect of for other beings, only achieve their objectives by creating fear in others . Criminals base their actions only in violence. Another example that seems to pass unnoticed , but it is completely aggressive is the contemporary agricultural industry . This is a very popular topic these days , as people in camps are starting to realize that they are being deceived .
Where do you see the aggression in the farming industry ?

In creating suicide seeds that do not reproduce well and in patenting them, penalizing the common seed propagation that had been used since ancient times for millions of generations by creating laws that prevent rural people in claiming what it is just,  they have gotten to the point of confiscating such seeds and destroying them. It's so unjust and an aggressive act by those multinational companies that seek to control seeds and food production, and they are also pushing laws that penalize people with GM seeds in their fields, even if they got there due to wind or pollination. This creates the most diverse terrors . The famous company Monsanto recently hired a company called "black water" which is a private military organization of the planet's most feared mercenaries . Among them there is already a contract for half a million dollars to create terror of international organizations fighting against GMOs , creating discrepancies between them and using who knows what other tricks for this.

Industrial agriculture and the supposed "green revolution " has been nothing but a big lie through which they want to invade agricultural fields with chemicals that have previously been used to manufacture bombs,such as urea, for example. Thus, they have tried to control the food market of the entire planet using fertilizers that are put into to crops, in addition to imposing an unnatural monoculture system they land acquisition by dirty political deals .

At first no one realized what was happening , people thought that these multinational companies were working against world hunger, but at this point , up to the last farmer has realized the aggression against freedom behind this . The only result behind it is hunger and misery for farmers and for the rest of society. Imagine how serious the situation really is : a few people behind some international companies are trying to take over agriculture in all countries, worldwide, keeping governments bribed or threatened to keep their selfish interests . That's not healthy . That is aggressive and even demonic . Without exaggeration, we can describe these people as heartless and even having a lack of brains, with their very actions going against the interests of their own children. They are in a state of profound ignorance and need to be enlightened to save the planet from a worse disaster than what already exists. Because the current situation is bad ... only if we want to go from bad to worse we leave everything as is and keep silent. Of course not, we must do something . In the Bhagavad Gita , Krishna tells Arjuna : " Stand up and fight with the sword of knowledge " also He adds that one must act with love. That is the key to solving all these problems : to become activists against this mess, but activists backed by nonviolence and love . Because without love there is never any solution. How to become activists to all this ?

One of the things we have to learn, which is perhaps the most difficult , is to control our senses and stop using any product that has GM ingredients . There are many foods that fall into this category , we must identify and eliminate them completely, for almost all products containing grains and oils are of transgenic origin . It takes work to become an activist, but it's time to do it , to save our lives and the future of the planet. You may have certain consumerist habits and comfort and do not want change or become a radical in this respect, but the price you pay if you keep feeding yourself with transgenic then disease is assured. Simply observe just how many people are dying of cancer, who have tumors or cysts , etc. . We are surrounded and infected by all these diseases that are caused by foods full of chemicals . People lose fertility because of it and whether you want to accept it or not, this is a mess created by man.

We're totally excited about products that we believe are essential but only damage our health . Fluoride is another example of this , we were told that toothpaste should have fluoride to maintain healthy teeth, but that is another chemical that harms the body only and does not guarantee anything . Antibiotics are another example. These are only lies established by companies seeking to control people . I argue this on behalf of the Global Awareness Compact - IKWASHENDWNA and confirm that the control of the senses is the only way to run a global boycott blockade and produce real change. For just as Mahatma Gandhi proved , only through the boycott is it possible to remove a rule, it is not achieved with aggressive confrontations, but by not buying what the empire wants to sell .

Those who behave aggressively yearn to be answered by aggression and not by love or wisdom, because when they are fought with aggression, they have the excuse to become even worse. In those moments they take more terrible weapons to fight, and position themselves as victims and then they end up raising taxes to the town . It's just a windfall of the same aggressive nature they use to try to control us.

Wars are just heartless business . So we must make a commitment to inform , to become aware and act with love unconditionally. That is the goal of the Global Awareness Compact. The only defense on our part will be not buy anything from that empire that wants to crush humanity; do not invest a penny on GMOs, in dyes, monosodium glutamate and other chemicals that are in food . Only by working together and organization we can accomplish this. Celebrating always peasants and ancient cultures as they are those who maintain our healthy life. And now comes the deeper issue ...

How do we, the devotees of Lord Krishna, face the reality of Kali Yuga ?

As aspiring devotees , we must stand firm spiritually for not participating in the multinational empires aggression and encourage others in this boycott.
A devotee looking for a Higher Taste , a pleasure beyond what can be offered by the material world and a Superior Taste which is only achieved by chanting the holy name , protected by meditation on the best environmentalist in history, called Srila Prabhupada , who is surpassed only by Krishna Himself in environmental activism . As we sing the Holy Names of the Lord we will be protected , and we remain enthusiastic even in the fight against all evil of Kali Yuga.

Another important point is that we should eat only prasadam , only God's mercy in the form of food , only food offered to Krishna and this offering must be healthy, organic, clean, chemical free, GMO free and free of dirty products. Dairy that is cruelty free and no maltreatment. No chemical creams, no pasteurized cheese, no refined sugars. Krishna is not going to please with such a gift . Even I have the solution for those who have problems giving up ice cream, for them I recommend my personal recipe best ice cream in the world:
- Take some grapes , place them in the freezer and leave them there until they are hard . When fully frozen, take them out and wait a few minutes. Then put them in your mouth and let them melt smoothly :) and you'll have the best ice cream you have ever eaten before. Without any chemicals, no refined sugar, or anything like that. A true delight for children to the elderly. They have to try it and realize they no longer need to spend money on ice cream with chemical ingredients which are full of refined sugar. At first they look like a sweet nectar, but it is not more than poison to your body . Sure, frozen grapes must be offered to Sri Krishna first :) .

So my dear, hands-on, hands to nectar in spreading active awareness and environmentalist awareness to all souls. Only in this way can we be free from the pressure of rogues and demons that want to take over the entire planet and thus enslave everyone.

With these words I say goodbye for today.
It makes me happy to know that we move forward, together in heart in this fight. Guided by the love of Srila Prabhupada.
Jay Srila Prabhupada!

Your always wisher,

Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti .

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