The Importance of Brahmacari Life. From Argentina. 9/22/13

My very dear devotees , I send all my love from Argentina .
Today I want to talk about a subject that we often speak about, but never hurts to remember. This is the importance of brahmacari life .

Brahmachari identifies those people who are trained under the higher values ​​of life. They are students of truth. Brahmachari's practice celibacy with great satisfaction, knowing that their vows are the ripe fruit of the consecrated life. They maintain ideals that lead them to be a brahmacari . In a world based on sexual enjoyment, the brahmacari is safe from all that pollution and struggle to find a Superior Taste .

In the material world one only seeks the pleasure of the senses and it is believed that the more you have sex, the more value there is in life. It is such a widespread message that no one even thinks about the negative effects of all this ...only in the enjoyment of a few moments .

However in brahmacari life one experiences something completely different , we live the joy of being single. I do not want to paint the brahmacari life as "rosy " because that does not exist, but Srila Prabhupada told us that the purpose of life was to overcome the sexual impulse.We do not want to believe that the sex drive does not exist,but it clearly exists and that's the main reason why the living entities remain entangled in this world, yet it is not the goal of our life. Nor is it the purpose for which our soul is longing for. That goal is much higher and is above any mundane sexual pleasure. So brahmacari life is so important, whether you're going to prepare to be a grhasta or a sannyasi preacher, it is the basis of training to learn how to control the senses and avoid becoming a slave to them. It is the beginning of freedom of action, so long as you remain a a slave to the senses you have no ability to choose .

Control of the senses is the least that one has to develop not to become a slave of desires, a slave of the mind, a slave of animal life that is within us. Brahmacaris learn that there are two types of sexuality: A unseemingly improper form that produces terrible results and a divine and protected type. So we have to learn to distinguish between the two types before making any sexual lifestyle .

The sexual life means that you develop respect for life, understanding of the Creator and His creation and having respect and affection for all other living entities. Chastity is a fundamental aspect in the life of a brahmacari. Chastity means fidelity, a brahmacari is faithful to his ideals. Chastity is the access to a dignified existence, it is a necessity where we can raise the virtues of self to a magnificent and almost inestimable level. Chastity is the ingredient to having sincerity. When you break chastity, automatically all levels of respect disappear.

In Krishna Consciousness the subject of sexuality is treated with great respect, but also addressed very clearly, because the body is considered as a temple. It is a temple because the living entity and paramatma are inside the body . This same church, have the reproductive capacity to engender another being to come to this world. That is something very sacred. Considering the body as a common element of enjoyment, disregarding it of it's divine qualities, is a lack of respect for the living entity. Just thinking about the external appearance and not the jiva that gives life, is part of the current popular lustful mentality, then one has no regard for life, much less the altar of the body, the temple of a person.

The reason why families are not strong today and households break is mainly because the parents have not been serious and respectful to themselves and abused their powers, their bodies and the bodies of others. Thus, only misery awaits them in family life; the family is the basic unit of gratitude and faith. When there is no deep and mutual relationship of respect and appreciation where appreciation is not the basis, values ​​are lost, and the future will not be very auspicious.

The reason why the world has become so chaotic is because the family is destroyed . The family, the most important cell of society, is at a point of near collapse and society leaders are so ignorant they do not realize all the damage they cause while promoting and supporting adultery, abortion , exploitation of women, etc. . They themselves are destroying families.

The current situation will do away with the superior culture of respect and appreciation. From then on we only expect to live in a " human meat market " where all the basic values ​​disappear completely. Therefore it is very important that we give ow chastity the value that she deserves.

In this sense, brahmacari life is a great gift. It should not be seen as an imposition to make life difficult to traumatize or bother, but the key is to get rid of a culture in which everything is based on sexual pleasure which is not going to lead anywhere .

The absence of chastity and higher values ​​is our main concern. Practitioners of Krishna Consciousness care about the attention of all intelligent people who want to change the direction of their lives and to step forward against exploitation. They invite you to discover the values ​​of celibacy, chastity, the brahmacari, even in family life where parents become grihastas - brahmacaris who are not entangled in the enjoyment of the senses and only unite sexually to procreate.

In the ashram of the spiritual master there are certain rules and values ​​that protect us. The simplest of all is to maintain respect between men and women, for those who are not married or do not have some kind of relationship they should avoid talking alone on private sites . This is a sacred rule, not because people are not trusted, but to protect the exploitation mentality that always wants to arise due to material conditioning . So to stay healthy on one's vows of brahmacari life and spiritual awareness, one needs to protect and take shelter in the right place. This protection comes from developing a rendered attitude that is engaged in the service under the instruction of the spiritual master .

A brahmacari should also take care of their relationship with money and never seek to profit at the expense of other, as lust takes many forms, even subtly as greed, the desire to differentiate themselves from others, to be recognized and adored, vanity etc. . This conditioning of the world is just coming from the desire to become the enjoyer of all, feeling envy even of God , who is the ultimate enjoyer of all things . The only one who deserves all worship is the Supreme Lord and and those who take refuge under His shelter are kept protected.

Brahmacaris living in the Ashram of the Spiritual Master dedicate their activities to the worship of the Lord, direct any of their earnings to God and render selfless service. All this is for the benefit of God and the living entities.

Thus, brahmacaris practice celibacy as something very natural, which does not mean that they are not intentions to marry someday and have a family, on the contrary, they try to take such process with deep consciousness and without trouble. When they feel that it is time to start a family, they approach a spiritual master who will lead them in that new era.

Thus celibacy gives strength of character, where the heart, mind and senses are aligned and placed under the control of God. That means that when a brahmacari decides to marry he will see his wife as an altar of God , someone who can not cheat and who is committed for life. There, chastity is still the key that opens the gates of spiritual growth .

In Vedic culture the woman is so respected by everyone (husband, children, etc. . ) That abuse just does not fit. It's very natural. But in today's society there is nothing like that. The role of women, the mother , is so important and valued that it should be protected at all costs.

All that our Supreme Father has given us is completely ideal and perfect and chastity is the protection for such a gift so that it does not become lost. So the brahmacari and chastity are the help we need not to deviate due to the pitfalls that always encourage us towards degradation .

Chastity is critical because it allows one to confront himself : depending on what you do in your daily life then you will experience the reactions in the future. No one can escape this law of nature, for everything is in the hands of Krishna , therefore, brahmacari life is a great gift that can not be wasted. So, after being brahmacari, there are two very sacred ceremonies : marriage or the renounced order .

A brahmacari who decides to marry should come with the mentality : " I'm going to start a family as a sacred pair as an offering to my Lord, " That is the consciousness that one develops in the school of brahmacari because brahmacari not anti-sexual education, but education which helps to spiritualize relationships and teaches to keep the utmost respect for the partner who will accompany one for the rest of life. So Krishna Consciousness seeks to instruct and install in our lives brahmacari education, education that promotes respect and appreciation in relationships. Thus, the theory and practice must be protected to reach the goal, we must do everything possible to achieve the goal of the wonderful spiritual education.

This is just a basic introduction to the subject of spiritual education and the strength of families. Vaishnava culture goes deeper into these issues. We must strive every day to become Vaishnavas, pure and genuine, becoming someone who respects and appreciates the altar of life and who gives their hearts to others, becoming someone trustworthy. That is the hope of society, the Brahmin - Vaishnavas, those are who are devoted to the truth .

We aspire to become brahmanas, still too far away from our reality, we must never lose sight of ideals. Brahmacari is civilization and responsibility. All genuine practitioners of the spiritual life can participate in this way in our family and help us to create a better world inspired by Srila Prabhupada and his immortal teachings, who has brought us from the darkest darkness with the torch of knowledge and spiritual affection.

If you consider that these words are valid, then do not let them pass and instead go to the bottom of the substance and cultivate them yourself as servers capable of giving yourself to others in the truest sense. Although the problems come, take advantage to go ahead and become perfect in the way back to God.

Thank you very much for sharing this reflection today. This is my message inspired by the beautiful example that Srila Prabhupada left us.
All my affection.
Jay Srila Prabhupada.

Your always well wisher
Swam B.A. Paramadvaiti

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