Life without the association of devotees is very terrible.10/20/13

Very dear devotees .

We just finished a tour of a large part of the Vrinda Mission , from Europe and South America. First I want to make one thing very clear : I am grateful for all these kind attentions from the devotees, their great efforts to spread Krishna Consciousness in the most diverse ways and I am very happy to see how they care for our programs, and the visitors who come to the temple, or as they strive to organize many different aspects and progress of the mission. This has been a wonderful experience because at the end of this tour 2013 we celebrate the 60th birthday of being together on this planet .

I have one very special reflection , especially on the subject of the association of devotees . The association of devotees is so precious that it allows one to remember daily that life is more beautiful than one might have wished. The association of devotees keeps one in the right path, without their association and the mercy to serve, life is not so happy . At this point I believe that life is unbearable without devotees. Something was said by Ramananda Roy, that life without the association of devotees is very terrible. They allow one to have a chance again to remember the Srimad Bhagavatam , Bhagavad Gita and all spiritual messages .

The messages of the scriptures comes directly from the spiritual world, just as there are images that are like windows to the spiritual world, in the same way the messages that fall into the category of "revelations " are mystical transmissions from the spirit world . This occurs when there is an honest intention to serve. When one wants to serve Krishna these transparent transmissions occur. Although one is not so deserving of this nor very qualified, when you want to deliver the message of Krishna , He appears and inspires the devotee to say things that are enlightening about the Supreme Lord and His sankirtana movement .

I'm happy to be back in India, in the Holy Land , continuing projects like Vrindavan cleaning, for that reason I brought a team of artists and painters to make many artistic projects. As long as Krishna wants, He manifests in a most merciful way because he wants us to go to His home . He is interested in this, He invited and instructed us how to get there. He sent his devotees to rescue you. He manifests His Dhama in this world so we feel attraction to be with Him and for this reason He also gives us different services.

At the same time, now that I was in the Eco Truly Park, in Coroico or Eka Chakra, at Varsana or Vrindavan Ecological Gardens, I also felt in Vrindavan. I do no feel as if something is missed there because they are wonderful places and when I see the beautiful devotees who are serving  I feel happy, but we're still struggling with the mind. It's a pleasure to see the devotees who are making plans to preach Krishna Consciousness, such as mother Gopala, who is stepping up for Govindas  Ecological Gardens in Plamponita. Also I am thinking of the Coast, in this land that was donated for the University of House of Wisdom by Kirtan prabhu, mother Vrinda , Prabhu Jagannath and mother Radha Damodar.

And at the same time I think about prabhu Uddhava and his wife Priya Nama who transformed downtown Barranquilla into a dynamic center of Krishna consciousness. Sure, the whole movement of the mercy of Krishna is Krishna's mercy. One should not think it's mine. But mercy is manifest when one proposes it, I also think of Maha in Bogota ,in the temple of Cali , Medellin, in Bello mandir, everything is absolutely a surprise of love. So much love that the devotees are putting into the different programs. In their magazines, the Eco Yoga Festival, in their publications such as the surprise that we're going to give tomorrow. The surprise for Vrindavan . And so, all the devotees work projects,that too, because we want to serve fairly . We prepare and give people all the nice things we have received. Similarly, Vrindavan in India or wherever devotees gather is one thing. If we want to think more about Krishna , he will enlighten us in more ways , and always has and always will. For anyone who wants to deliver Krishna Bhakti , Krishna makes all arrangements for that to be possible. So Krishna manifests the ways in which we may be associated with His devotees.

The association of the devotees is the least expected of mercy. As beautiful as Maharaj Ashram program in Concepcion or downtown Florianopolis in Brazil . Here are some devotees who just surprised me with a center in Villarrica, one of Chile's most beautiful sites. Sure, you do not know what you have until you lose it and you always fall into this story thinking that the grass is always greener on the other side. You think there is better prasadam on the other side, etc. . but not really.

I ask that you to tell all the devotees not to be sad if they can not be in Vrindavan now and we will soon continue with the preaching tour, because while this body allows I will continue to follow the example of my gurus and preach all the time. Just ask them to bear with me if I can not be in all places at the same time, as projects continue to grow and time remains the same, so to be on the road at times I have to change a bit the way and the process how to visit, for example, perhaps devotees gather in one place and then I do not need to go to all the cities, but even though I like to visit the devotees in all corners, it is not always possible.

Recently I was in Cordoba and before that I was in Uruguay seeing all the beautiful things they are doing. So devotees everywhere are making beautiful things . Now we have a new sannyasi who will visit the temples of Paraguay and Bolivia. Krishna has many surprises .

On the other hand, when I'm not traveling we are doing work for you, for all the temples and so news is sent constantly, like this Chat now which we are sending from the Garden of Radha Gopinath which we just cleaned. A place where they had only stones and is now completely green and beautiful.

So , I ask you to bear with this old man who is traveling with the pleasure of his heart to visit, but if I can not get to all the places I ask you do not get angry because that hurts me. Sure, Prabhupada solved this problem very easily, he said he was going to the temples where more books are being distributed, and so began the marathon spirit, and indeed in that time we won the marathon of 76 in December with the most literature distributed. It was a wonderful experience. At that time Prabhupada had departed, but in those transcendental games we won, even the group of USA, but Brazil Yatra enthusiastically was born in that year. It was very sweet. Sure, I do not want to make a competition to make someone sad, but the more devotees do nice things the more you want to run to visit them, and at the same time one wants to go to places where things are less developed to help them grow.

prithivite ache yata nagaradi-grama

"In every town and village of the world, My name [the holy name of Krishna] will be preached."

That is a task that Srila Prabhupada gave all his disciples and that I have conveyed with the addition that you have the ability to open a temple where you want, but do not have the right to close any temple. Thus , we are committed to open many centers for Krishna and fight to keep them . So I was very happy with Goura Sundar and mother Laksmi to open a temple in Baños or Puyo , where centers had closed but for different reasons. All that is done in this sense is a special mercy of Krishna. To those who I can not visit constantly asked them to forgive and try to stay connected with these messages and all regional projects, the chaski fests, Vrinda pages, services to the ancestral communities and environmentalists, all this is for nothing more than a service to bring joy to all people and yourselves. Well, I have no other aim than to please the devotees of Krishna .

- What we do need are your blessings in the form of making the best effort for service and to never be defeated by Maya ; when Maya wants to disturb you then go be with enthusiastic devotees and everything will be better, because where there is Krishna the darkness of ignorance can not manifest .

krsna surya-sama maya haya andhakara

" Krishna is like the sun and Maya is equal to the darkness. "

With these words I leave you from this beautiful garden of Radha Gopinath.
By the grace of Srila Prabhupada we have access to Sri Vrindavan Dham and to worship the deity . We pray that they stay forever in our hearts, for when we pray meditating in Sri Vrindavan Dham, we are in Vrindavan .

I thank each of you who have come up here with great effort to be together during this month ... and to all those in the West struggling to keep small Vrindavans, save us from the darkness of this world.

These days we have two meditations for Kartik , one is the question: Who is Srila Prabhupada for you ? and the other question is : What is it you're willing to give up in order to attain the divine position of being able to please Lord Caitanya and His associates ?
- You can reflect on them and answer them ... this month is a period of much meditation and introspection.

I leave you all my affection from here .
Jay Srila Prabhupada!

Your ever well wisher,
Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti

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