The Divine Mother Chile Yatra. 9/29/13

Topic : Divine Mother . From Chile Yatra . 29/09/13

                                               Conference from Chile.

My dear devotees , receive all my affection from Eka Chakra.
We had very nice days visiting devotees in different parts of Chile.

Continuing the Ikwashendwna connections , we found many activist friends who are putting force in protecting Mother Earth. It's part of our mission to spread this, and as the native peoples have always said, we are all visitors on this earth and we should not exploit it without reason, because we are only passing through. Rather we should be grateful and give a hand to Mother Nature and make payments of appreciation.

I want to acknowledge the Divine Mother, the mother of our heart, Srimati Radharani, who is awaiting our progress and who manifests in different ways.

We created the concept of chaskis, contemporary conscious artists that travel to different places promoting awareness and respect for Mother Nature. They are also part of, sometimes directly or indirectly, of the movement of Mahaprabhu to spread the message of Universal Love. They hold events and festivals in different cities and Eco Villages to promote positive culture and vegetarianism .

That female force of Divine Love which constantly inspires us to sing the Holy Names, to preach in every place, to make chaski - fests , events, vegetarian , etc. .

Srimati Radharani expands in the form of Mother Nature and allows us to worship her and to work to protect her. Our Mother Earth is too sweet, too kind and too generous and she is an expansion of the Universal Mother, the Divine Radha, Radha who is dearmost to the Divine Lord, the embodimen of loving sentiment Radha.

There are many clues that we can not ignore and that remind us that the ancient culture comes from a great mystic, mysticism of seeing the Divine in different ways: in the masculine and the feminine, in Nature, in the elements, in the universal cosmic energy, in the localized aspect of Divinity, in the aspect of omnipresent and omniconscious, in his personal appearance in His Divine Abode ... I mean, we can not pigeonhole Divinity and say : "Divinity is so and so and if you do not believe in that you go to hell and finished. " That is the macho tendencies of Western mentality which is not positive and is totally against the Universal Love. So, our task is to revive the responsibility of the individual conscience.

So, inspired by the culture of the Vedas, which is our Initiating School, and other ancient cultures, we learned that mystics should love everyone ... if you are not striving to love all then you cannot be called mystical or a practitioner of Yoga.
Now we have to think, who are those who give "love to all " and who therefore can be considered mystics.

" For he who harms no one and does not seek to deceive or exploit others , then you can say he or she is a real mystic who love others ." Otherwise there is no sense in being called a protector of living beings, if you eat animals or are exploiting nature, it does not make sense . Well we must be consistent in this and be true representatives of our tradition of universal love. That is the reason that Srila Prabhupada  has inspired us to create different Eco Yoga Villages where people can learn to practice responsible and conscious life, spiritual life, ecological and organic living, totally vegetarian .

One of the offerings we have done, under the inspiration of Srila Prabhupada, which is meant to restore the faith in people is the Oidatherapy . It's a recent offering that studies the original conscious levels where the being to plant the Truth of " I know ", which means " I believe " because everything that we know needs to be believed.

It is the basic step in the consciousness of a person. When studying consciousness and the origins of it , we can realize something very interesting which is that faith is the basic and fundamental resource that has to be defined itself and helps project one's path. And that faith is  very nice because through it we may find ourselves. Therefore, faith must be directed towards the positive and we can discover that we all have the same rights to have our own opinion and sincerity to approach the Divine. The Divinity itself urges us to develop faith and connect with the source.

What is Divinity? It is the same Divine Mother. Those who have any doubt about God can focus their faith in the worship of Mother Nature. What is essential is the development of the link with the divine through positive faith . That wonderful mystical experience we can be gained through contact with elderly grandparents of ancient cultures ... they have always remained connected with the Divine and mystical things discovered in this connection. All those who want to connect with Mother Nature should listen to her and those who are linked to it.

In this sense, today I offer my respects to all ancient peoples and their beliefs, as long as they have followed the path of universal values ​​and respect for all beings.

With these words I say goodbye for today ... remembering that the essence always remains, purified in service by singing the holy names of the Lord. Hope to see you soon in the Mela. Remember that we are organizing special presentations such as costumes for the purpose of preaching so each temple can bring the best  costume and be rewarded . Also bring your special gifts for all the devotees, for the dadati ceremony .
Jay Srila Prabhupada!

Your always wisher,

Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti .

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