Ten Years in Chat via Hotline 11/10/13 From India

Topic : Ten Years of Chat via Hotline . From India. 10/11/13
                                 Conference from Yamuna Kunja .
Sri Vrindavan Parikrama , ki jay !
Vrindavan is very beautiful , very wonderful . If you knew a little more of the story, you could feel a bit of what I feel . The temple that we recently visited ( Chaitanya Mission) looks like a replica of a real temple of Jagannath Puri. I was doing service there a few weeks before, and then I realized that Srila Bhakti Vaibhav Puri Maharaj, Srila Prabhupada 's spiritual brother, was in town wanted to buy that building. At that time I was a little sad because the temple had been there for 8 years, even had bought it ... It was a simple temple at that time and now it has become one of the most beautiful temples in Vrindavan thanks to the wonderful work of the sadhus who have made this temple so astonishing. Now it is a cultural wonder what has happened in Vrindavan .
Today is our traditional Sunday Chat from Yamuna Kunja . I remember many years ago when we first had our first Chat Sunday from this place, which was coordinated by Gour Kesava and I was very impressed that from the place of the 6 goswamis I could sit and give a lecture to all the devotees of South America. We are celebrating the 10 years of Chat via hotline . First of all we must say a big " All glories to Pancatattwa prabhu " and here we are giving a big hand to him for creating this platform chat . And yet we continue to use the same software, which is still wonderful.
My message today to all of you is this ...
Ten years of chat via hotline is an incredible achievement, which allowed me to keep in touch with my spiritual family around the world for ten years continuously . So, for 10 years we have been able to send messages to all of you. I am very grateful to you for having read these messages and more grateful to implement those messages.
Thank you very much for helping me create a family that has no limits, where each country welcomes us ... where each friend who wants to become a guardian of Mother Nature can enjoy the company of you Many thanks to all of you for giving this message of love to others. Thank you very much for being brahmacaris, vishnupriyas, grihastas, vanaprasthas, maharanis or sannyasis . Thank you very much for chanting Hare Krishna, I know that you yourselves are the biggest beneficiaries of them, but still I thank you, because thanks to your chanting you make it possible for us today to have a spiritual family .
This is really a center of the Gaudiya Math in Vrindavan ( Yamuna Kunja ) because one can hear the divine songs coming from every corner. I thank also those who distribute books everywhere, I thank Pancatattwa for creating this communication system, because thanks to him I can share my heart with all the devotees. I also thank all the chefs who have cooked both prasadam to all the devotees.
Thanks to all the devotees living in the Eco Villages and work for them. Thank you very much to all who serve as pujaris with faith in the deities. Our kind of worship is so simple and humble compared to other types of worship, but if I think of people like Prem Kishor in Berlin , my dear Radha Tulasi  en Varsana, we could continue to worship Krishna in many places and, by the mercy of Radharani, we can continue worshiping .
Thank you very much to all those who make the dresses for the deities, to all who make websites and keep them alive to so that we can all know what everyone is doing for Krishna and learn from them and gain more inspiration.
Thank you very much to all those who work hard at their jobs and do not forget Krishna and rather give donations to expand Krishna Consciousness . Your contribution is very important and greatly appreciated. Thank you very much to all children who give us their wonderful company. They have had a special fortune to be born in Krishna Consciousness and now, they are growing, they must decide what kind of responsibilities take in Krishna Consciousness.
All these children have given us their very beautiful company. The other day I spoke with Nimai , the son of prabhu Kanka and mother Vrindavanesvari, who has been with me since birth and is now he is a father and is working to take care of his family, his mother, his sister and expand Krishna Consciousness ... who is always near and dear to my heart. What else I can say , there are many people so talented and great artists ...
These children have given us many joys ... to see them grow around us is a joy .
I also ask forgiveness from our children, because in this movement have not taken the time for you and we have not been able to establish the education that you deserve ...Even you have grown and can see how much we love you though and everything I've done in my life has been for you. So you can understand that we have not forgotten you. I pray to Krishna that future generations can devote time to children.
I want to start organizing soon good schools, under the House of Wisdom, not only Krishna schools , but schools that preach the love of God, that can not be destroyed by sectarian people . For that we need highly qualified people in the Vrinda Mission to run it. Thank you very much to all sannyasis, that even with a few years old, have accepted the renounced order to support the Vrinda family within their capabilities .
You have given me what I am trying to give my Guru, beautiful years of existence in the form of devotional service to establish the glories of Lord Caitanya in this world. That's a big sacrifice, especially when everyone is running after money , sense gratification , etc. . You have given the valuable years of your life to establish the Vedic culture in different cities. I am grateful to all of you on behalf of Srila Prabhupada.
Just as Srila Prabhupada took sannyasa from Srila Bhakti Prajnana Kesava Maharaj, who took sannyas from Srila Sridhar Maharaj and I also took sannyas from Srila Sridhar Maharaja and you have taken sannyas from me, it has become a very intense relationship. Of course, I must thank all our previous acaryas and all the writers of beautiful songs .
I also thank Srila Harijan Maharaj who gave me so much love and Atulananda Acharya, such a wonderful devotee as well as a great writer and poet . What more can I say about someone who accompanied me on this journey of love.
I can not think of a single time I had been displeased with Srila Harijan Maharaj and neither Atulananda I can say that . Instead, whenever I found them my heart felt the same joy as though I was coming in contact with Srila Prabhupada again. Srila Prabhupada gave us so much, it is unimaginable how such a man can give so much to everyone. He gave us Vrindavan ... and now we are here in Vrindavan, there is no place like Vrindavan worldwide. You know, we want to clean Vrindavan and offer to unveil even more of its beauty, but beyond that, there is no other place in the world as Vrindavan .
Srila Prabhupada gave us the task of going through the world as Krishna's representatives. He gave us such incredible faith, even if we do not understand much, yet we speak and preach to others. What can I say, Srila Prabhupada knew what he was doing and he made ​​a deal with Krishna... He told Krishna 'Krishna , if you do not help me in this mission , I'm going to complain to Srimati Radharani.'
I believe that Krishna was scared of it and said : Ok, Ok , I'll help you to do the impossible.
Srila Prabhupada gave us Vrindavan and gave the world . ... and then gave us the task of bringing Vrindavan to the world , and then gave us the task of bringing everyone to Vrindavan.
Jay , Jay , Jay
He gave us the Maha Mantra .
He gave us the purification of our existence.
He gave us an over abundance of prasadam.
He gave us our best friends.
We got the most beautiful architecture .
He gave us the wonderful dancers for Krishna .
Many forms of worship of Krishna, all from the Srimad Bhagavatam.
Someone who has been so generous to us, how can we forget it ?
I do not think that I can repay my debt to Prabhupada in this life, it will continue for life. Well without him I could not have known Krishna.
Therefore I  want to do something for Srila Prabhupada with blessings from you.
With the blessings of the Vaishnavas . I want to push any good idea that comes to us for the service of Srila Prabhupada and Krishna . And to all those who help me in the offices that are doing the work that I could not do for myself, you have become essential for this. I know that sometimes I have tired you with my insistence, but still, you continue helping me with this, now all I can give at this time is a small piece of dokla (Indian pie ) to celebrate this wonderful meeting at Yamuna kunja in celebration of  the 10 years of the Hotline Chat .
I pray for many years to come , where we share the news of the progress of the conditioned souls who are trying to become pure bhaktas .
Appreciativeness is not a  Vaishnava act, it is an incomplete thank ... instead of thanking one should say, I belong to you, do with me what you want ... so I put myself in service to you so that I may serve my Gurudeva :)
Haribol !
Hare Krishna , Hare Krishna , Krishna Krishna , Hare Hare
Hare Rama , Hare Rama , Rama Rama , Hare Hare
I want to remind all the family members Vrinda we decided to close all personal facebooks not have anything to do with a special service with a program.
Well that only 20 people are present in the Chat is very little, if they are on Facebook and are so in Maya , that they prefer to listen to the instructions of their spiritual master and that seems to be a very dangerous symptom. That is a decision we make and if anyone has any desire to use a facebook, it should represent a project. As the theme must be really in devotional service.
Before closing one's facebook  one should explain to all readers who are transforming their facebook to a Facebook dedicated to service and they do not want to lose their life in this game of "likes " and " do not like" .
With these words we close the chat's session today from Yamuna Kunja .
Your always well wisher,
Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti .

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