The temple should run like a symphony. 3/11/13 From India.

Today's message comes straight from my heart and I want to share it with you all. It's a personal opinion which I will try to explain in a poetic way .

What I want to convey today is related to the expertise of the orchestra conductor. One way or another, all things in life should be conducted in a way that it all ends up being harmonious. Now I will explain something in reference to our own preaching activities .

The sheet music is written and should be read as that defined score, but they still need an orchestra conductor, a leader who put his own style and can take the full orchestra to a harmonious result . A preacher, for example, should always speak in a way that encourages people to delve into the meaning of what they are saying.

An Inbound Yoga teacher , for example, should lead students in such a way that excites them to maintain themselves according to their own qualities and make them stay connected with Paramatma . In other words, the conductor must guide people to an intense joy for what they are doing . When you conduct something it must be done in a very harmonious and satisfying manner.

If we apply this same concept in the temple istagostis we will see that the president is able to allow each member of the ashram to feel as a valuable part of the orchestra. The temple should be ran like a symphony : the kitchen should be tuned, the reception should be tuned, volunteers must be tuned, the online promotion department must be tuned, etc. . The directing of a temple is like that of conducting a symphony. Sometimes even in the orchestra the conductor makes different members perform a "solo". A skilled leader will always bring others to their best potential. That also applies within music, dance, architecture, engineering, in all aspects. The ability to combine and harmonize the different elements and personalities is an art. Leading a spiritual community requires art, collection , preaching , music, sitting together to share, study, cooking, etc. . There are many elements to consider. The same applies to grhasta families.

We should never do things based on fear, on the contrary, we must increase the spiritual growth of each of the members of the community. A good leader is always ready to share with others . I myself consider a leader to also be one who is also trying to learn how to become a good one, so I think that communication is one of the most important things to keep alive. The failure of a leader is his limited capacity in communication, for example, now I have to communicate with all those who will remain in India for six months, I must communicate a plan to each of them and tell them what area in they will develop in.

Here in Vrinda Kunja we are committed to doing aratik nightly in Brahma Kunda, it is our responsibility and as the leader of the temple in giving others their delegated responsibilities so that everything is taken care of the way it should be and for that you need to be clear in what has to be done.

Our spiritual master , Srila Prabhupada was an excellent leader who managed to do amazing things in a few years. He is the perfect example of a leader. I insist that the main theme for a good leader is communication and for that we must be practical and have everything neatly annotated on lists with tasks to delegate to others. Do not rely on our short memory. My job as a leader is to transfer the responsibility of each department to the different leaders of those departments and who will get things done, and the symphony can get moving .

When you're a leader and your actions influence others you must be very careful with them and never discourage anyone. The leader's performance should be organized so that everyone is encouraged to participate and that everything flows smoothly. Everything must be in place and function properly. For each activity there is a science that is behind it defining how it should be done, and the number one rule is that no one should ever be unhappy. That's the tip of Krishna Consciousness .

Are you going to pass or shall we do that here?

Now, to be a good leader one should also stand out being transparent. A good leader should be honest, loving and trustworthy to be able to lead a spiritual symphony .

To become a good leader you have to be very aware of all the things you have to do to qualify yourself as such : become an expert in all areas and then lead others in the symphony. We have to take responsibility, without liability nothing will manifest. If we accept in becoming leaders we must know what that means so we can become efficient managers and implement our service. And if we make mistakes, we must be humble enough to apologize for them.

To become a good leader one should also be a good crier,someone who cries for mercy, a beggar of love. In other words, conducting the symphony of a spiritual family is a big task and one can not do any nonsense, it is not something you're going to be able to give up tomorrow, it is for life ... and never let anyone fall, never let anyone feel bad. And if you ever let someone down humbly beg for forgiveness. But never become a scoundrel who is unmoved by anything.

Responsibility and accountability at every level of life in which you are a leader, in a temple, in the family, at the Academy of yoga, in preaching, vegetarian programs ... in any area in which you develop, always taking on more responsibility and serving others, without thinking that it is yourself who gets things done.
Each of us has a symphony to lead.

A leader has the lives of others in their care, so they have to be very responsible and if not a very experienced leader, then you should lead slowly and with great care. A leader must consider many aspects when leading. Also, we must take into account many details to become good leader.

Your always well-wisher,
Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti .

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