Using the Internet responsibly. From India. 11/24/13


Once again my dear children, a Sunday Chat .
All glories to Srila Prabhupada
All glories to Sri Mayapur and the 9 islands
and All glories to Harinam Sankirtan .

Although we are very stubborn , very often, were solely dependent on the mercy of Krishna. My desire is to have my consciousness purified by always listening to my spiritual master and serve his devotees.

These are the last days of November, and this colossal charge on us to do a sankirtan marathon in December is approaching. That naturally makes me remember the early days when these marathons in December were great helps to collect and make projects, print books, finishing farm buildings or simply increase the intensity of distribution of literature to participate in the marathon. Considering the power that a book of Srila Prabhupada has, printing and distribution of transcendental literature, in whatever form, is a task of utmost urgency. Although I've said several times, I have not been able to fulfill  the continuing of various productions in which he was involved, still I maintain the desire to do sankirtan with all the gifts we have received.Those gifts are many.

Right now I'm making a plan with the devotees of Vrindavan to send many beautiful paintings with images of Krishna, golden and very well designed, so that they can be included in the articles of sankirtan, hopefully with photos of the local deities we have. Here in India there is plenty of this " bits and pieces ". I call them them that as well because they are tagged as " fantasy ", but they are beautiful items that encourage meditation and allow you to build a beautiful home altar. For example: imagine how many people could take 10 beautiful pictures home and create a beautiful altar . Only among the friends of the temples surely it will be big and successful, as I said, these items are not that expensive and do not require much to invest. I had this  long ago but it had never manifested until now, at least not through the SEVAS , maybe the devotees have distributed them individually ... Here in India there is so much of it that when you see it, you think it is not worth anything ... as it is, all that there is in abundance is no longer appreciated. There are particular items that I think can be used for such a personalized sankirtan .

This week , talking to Swami Maharaj, we conclude that our mission requires a magazine style newspaper , even if it is one or two pages. Why is that? So that all our friends are aware of what is happening in the Mission. The cost of a sheet of paper or two is very minimal and can be distributed in large quantities in events such as : the Eco Yoga Festival where it would be given free to the people who go . You can even carry advertisements from the same devotees and temples, to keep it as a form of connection with the local. But the main idea is to have a newspaper that is distributed of  the Vrinda Mission.

In the beginning it can come out every three months and spread fairly throughout and in the future it can get published every month. This requires a lot of local support for printing and also to put it in the hands of distributors. Stores, yoga centers , etc. . Well, our problem is not that we are missing items, we lack to put items in the respective hands of distributors. We are training the staff to do so, mother Sita of Ecuador accepted with much enthusiasm with the service of compiling the texts that we will send you. We can take things from Vrinda News, but it may also be more informational. Something from the calendar of the next three months on some of the major projects that the mission is developing, because, after all, many people do not want to watch the news online. It is also good to have some writings, as the power of  reading is shrinking among the people.

This week I read an article named: Could it be that google is making us stupid? ; After reading this article , I was convinced again that strict control against Internet abuse should be exercised in all Vaishnava monasteries, especially for those Vaishnavas who do not have a constructive or important service (via the Internet), but still spend much time on it.

Well, in fact, for some services, the Internet and the computer is inevitable.
Like any tool, it must be used with all the prudence against any danger and then one can proceed and serve Krishna, but one should not become illusioned by it either. Today there are many Internet sites that barely no one looks at any of them . For example, the page that started years ago to make a presentation of our services honestly  I haven't even looked at it in years, and that means that it is not even updated.

Time is so precious and when you speak or write , I would take the nectar of maximum degree, in fact one can distribute this nectar in many ways, including Srila Prabhupada books in pdf format through the Internet . The possibility of service exists, but in practice is not carried out very often. Maintaining a site of preaching Krishna Consciousness in daily service is admirable, getting a home, earning money or those kind of external things are simply nothing compared to preaching. So practice yukta -vairagya of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur, but we can not make a radical rejection of technology either, however we must be responsible for giving good guidance to those who have come into our lives . I would say the Internet is perfect for losing a husband, wife, children , parents and even health.

In fact we have more material that people can use. In other words, we need a lot of maturity to know how to handle things in this life. Just maintaining the relationship between parents - spiritual children is such a great gift and this gift is including the fact that you will also have spiritual children who must be cared for all your life. Because only if one takes good care of their children can one be called a father of confidence. Something as big as the history of service to Krishna I really can not even imagine . But, as the saying goes,
"what you do not care for you may lose". So we have to care for each other, because losing one of you would be unbearable. Although this sounds a bit much , in fact in life one must overcome insurmountable things or tolerate or endure something intolerable unbearable ... that propels one forward, to do what you must do. Doing things with diligence and especially enthusing oneself with the work that one receives.

So we sent this Chat online in fact, which we are using for many years thanks to Pancatattwa das, who established this Chat in our family. Sometimes one is in the midst of a certain paradox . As union and separation , you always want to be together, but there must be separation to increase the desire to be together . The same lila of Radha Krishna is full of it. Imagine, one of the things that struck me was Lokanath Goswami, who renounced his entire family, everything, and went to where Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was and within the first week he arrived and Mahaprabhu said, " You're going to do service in Vrindavan " and Goswami said," But my Lord, I want to be with you ... " And he became so ill. Bhugarva Goswami saw him in this condition and said, " If you are going to follow the order of Mahaprabhu I 'll go with you," and both went to Vrindavan to serve Mahaprabhu.

Imagine, Lokanath Goswami wanted to be with his Guru and within days he had to leave him . So many devotees saw Mahaprabhu only once in their life ... O Srila Prabhupada had disciples (my spiritual brothers ) who never were with him. By pure mercy did I have the opportunity to be with Prabhupada, to touch His Lotus Feet ... and not that it was so close either. That is union in separation. Prabhupada , however , was very affectionate with everyone, he was comforting . I think back and the first time I saw him I fell prostrated at his feet, in a humble house in France. It was a very small place and Srila Prabhupada was coming down and I fell down there in front of him bowing ... But the mercy of Prabhupada, that was something incredible. That was a very beautiful experience .

Thus, by mercy , I had a chance to be with Prabhupada and do things in relation to Srila Prabhupada. With these words I leave tonight.

The Lotus Feet of Srila Prabhupada are over my head forever, that is the prayer of my life forever . Remember this post to use technology responsibly and maintain your service even when in separation.
A hug from Mayapur,
Jay Srila Prabhupada!

Your always wisher,
Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti .

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