Sankirtan Marathon. From India 12/08/13

                                               Conference .

My dear devotees, this is my last message from India .
All my affection for all of you.

After having seen a documentary about vaccines, I can only say to all of you, especially to the fathers of their family : avoid , avoid , avoid , all vaccines for your children and yourself. I will not spend the time now to tell you about all the arguments, but it is a documentary called, "Vaccination, the hidden truth " which has subtitles in Spanish, and there you can find all the arguments that one person can have to never put their children in more danger of the greedy speculation of irresponsible people.

As far as I know, no vaccine is required, they are all dangerous. After watching this documentary, I personally consider myself a victim of the vaccination, I suffered from asthma in my childhood and that is one of the diseases that  arise from vaccines.

Apart from this, many diseases like autism, epilepsy, allergies, hyperactivity in children, etc., are linked with vaccines. The Mafia are of such shameful great size. When one sees the amount of lies they give the people so they can take their money including putting them in life threatening situations, it is incredible. Think and inform yourself. After watching this documentary, I felt like putting those personas who gave me vaccinations in my childhood in front of a jury. It is something incredible. Do not have doubts on it any more, this is a message directly from my heart ... and these vaccinations are something that should be totally dismissed . It is better said that I amcompletely interested in your health and in your children's health, but I am disinterested in the business of vaccines. This was a brief statement before giving my message on the December marathon .

Today I received a video about the Sankirtan marathon which gave me much joy to see. Sankirtan is a way out from misery. It is a celebration of joy. It is the perfection of human intercommunication . There is nothing more profound and sweet than to arouse a soul from their worldly life without hope.  Even if its a rare case of immediate success. Each one of us are a success and these, and if you were a success, then why can't others also be?

I'm over taken by the need of the Krishna Consciousness for this world, even though there are many people who do not understand that, but like the devotees here who didn't give me the chance to give class tonight because they went out to Sankirtan.

Today some devotees left to do Sankirtan theatre on the street. This is a theater that can be done everywhere and can be combined with Sankirtan. It is the awakening of eco consciousness by part of the Global Conscious Compact, with excellent illustrations done by Vishvarupa , he also does them in expanded forms in the streets of Vrindavan.

It is a simple system : one person is wearing a costume filled of junk which represents the "Muci", the " the pig ", this persona goes throughout the streets looking friends, better said, he is in search of piggish people who allow his products to be thrown in the street. He congratulates them and tries to embrace them.

Symbolically, "Muci" throws trash over people's heads, in an expressive manner towards the floor. And if someone comes to pick up the garbage to put it in the right place ( "Suci" ) who is walking in a group in the form of one giant bag and inside there is a beautiful person, every time someone comes to do that "Muci" comes to protest against recycling and tells them trash is meant to be left on the street. In a moment appears one cow with a wonderful costume and then "Muci" gives the cow plastic to eat.
The cow becomes sick and falls flat, hence a member of the theater comes disguised as the "Doctor" and he takes the plastic out of mouth of the cow and screams to the surrounding public "plastic kills cows." In India, the killing of cows is called " gohatya " and is seen as one of the worst crimes.

The doctor takes the plastic out of the cow's mouth and sings " Govinda, Govinda, Govinda, wake up please" and the cow gets up with the applause of the people. It is an effective theater because it is held in front of the very Shops that are responsible for fouling and generating garbage, thus "Muci" finds his allies there and congratulates them. " Yamuna " the sacred river, she is represented by a beautiful woman with a dress that also has plastic on it, " Yamuna " protests and tells everyone that they should put the plastic in the garbage bag and demonstrates the cause of contaminating her river.

At the end, the actors present the chaddar of Vrindavan with all the conscious messages if someone  wants to buy it then it can be sold so it can be hung in the house. You can also present them with posters, which can be stuck to the wall of the offender, the Business, so they can remember the impact of the theater.

It is a short work that can be repeated every time. For Europe you can even show the separation of the organic and inorganic garbage. Now, all of you  who have seen this message as a bit rudimentary, but here in India, when it is executed by western actors it creates a tremendous impact and it goes hand in hand with our campaign of protecting the Yamuna.

This is a bit of the Sankirtan of Vrindavan these days. We also take the play to one school in Delhi and it was very well received and reported in newspapers throughout the city. Tomorrow we are going to present this work to one of thestrong supporters of Vrindavan , KPS Gill and Chandi Heffner , the Doctor of animals .

With these words I bid you farewell. Sending you all my affection from Vrinda Kunja and all the enthusiasm to have many wonderful days in the Sankirtan marathon. I am very happy that we are going to meet soon.
A hug from the heart.

Jay Srila Prabhupada!
Your always well wisher,
Ba Paramadvaiti Swami

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