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Dear devotees

Today is my last day in Colombia . Important days of the mission.

Today I travel to Ati Quigua, Costa Rica to meet with Dr. Vandana Shiva. This meeting will be historic. The reunion of two ancient cultures.

Ati Quigua seeks to strengthen ties between the Sierra Nevada and India. I am very happy with this, as these meetings are very auspicious for everyone. Our main campaign is to restore and protect traditional values​​. Offering an education based on spiritual values ​​that include respect for all cultures.

Ati Quigua is traveling as a representative of Ikwashendwna taking a message of peace and universal love. Ikwashendwna or the global conscious pactc is the union of the people for a better world, for the respect of values​​. Krishna is manifesting all this by His mercy. And we are instruments of this great plan.

What do we do to alleviate the suffering in the world?

First know, why do we suffer? What is our suffer for? The oida therapy gives us the answer to this in a scientific way. Now that we know why, what do we do? How do we apply the lessons learned? We learn many things in this world but do they have practical application in life? Most information we learn are oriented in the end to economically maintain us.

We did not have spiritual education that compliments other education and meaning to our lives. The sages of India gave us a lot of spiritual information. The mystical school of India is rich in wisdom, such as the Srimad Bhagavatam. There are 18,000 verses designed to awaken spirituality in society. Information that serves even an atheist. An atheist can say he does not believe in God but believes in values.

But who defines or set the values? From where do they arise or how are they taught? How is there education in values?

Sometimes I find these atheists and ask them if they worship the cosmic mother, the creator of life, and they say sure, how wouldn't I, then I tell them well then you are very religious.

I want to acknowledge the Mamos, the grandparents and teachers of the Sierra. They are an example of a culture that has fought and are fighting to protect their values; ​​and that is found in the love and in the generosity that they have towards each other, even though they were abused by the misuse of the word religion.

I am their humble apprentice. I was one of the hippies of Europe looking to live in a community, we made many attempts to form small communities of which I was part of, but I saw them form and saw them get canceled, that is what happens with these communities. While Arhuaca communities have thousands of years existing and they still care for each other, they make offerings and are here sharing with us.

These days I attended a reunion of the eco villages in Varsana but it was much more than eco villages, it was the need of each living being to find a community and to have a sustainable relationship with the earth, with other brothers, with forests, rivers, with the trees, the animals and everything around us. So what I saw was a meeting of the heart.

What unites us is the cosmic mother, the source of all that makes our biodiversity, and happy life, and it is also the ability to cope with different situations and conflicts. The conclusion of this meeting is that we should not see enemies even if we know people who do horrible things, we must try to stop them but we only have complex little brothers who we must wake up and include them in good.

And the good, in its different varieties, show them that murderers have to do with violence, well we suffer  collectively or with something that unites us. I ask you this, "do you guys internally feel that everyone in the group must receive the reactions of the actions of a  specific person or a specific group?

We need to weave a web that goes beyond sectarianism, we must identify elements that bring us together such as the protection of animals, mother earth, values, and of these we have much in common.

From the Vedic view the goal of life is liberation. We can say that we have bought the ticket to liberation but we lose that if we do not help others to grab their ticket. We should all leave this world, we must have a healing community where it fits all and salvation is the way of life we ​​lead. This is the role of the eco villages, educational centers of the healing culture.

In an eco village two very nice concepts exist. The leader doesn't feel himself to be a leader, he is a trainer, educator of leaders. And there is no concept of private property even if it is privately owned. They feel that what they have is borrowed and they feel as guardians . For them it is very clear : we are not owners but guardians of Mother Earth.

Spirituality is a self -evident truth of the law, it is what unites us by law, by necessity. Spirituality represents beauty and not torture and inquisition, so I feel blessed to find the ancestral solution because a community without law is going to end in nothing, where you will fight even for a pin, as is the mentality of hegemony  who remove everyone for the army so they can leave their rotten power flow. The leader of a spiritual community inspires others under rules that everyone agrees to accept because they accept them as beneficial, to form, to generate, to sustain your personal and group development. That's a big sacrifice.

An ideal materially solidifies when there is a selfless sacrifice from someone willing to help and receive all with love. We know there is justice in the universe and if someone starts making trouble then by universal law we know that person will get what they deserve, but that law is not written, it is something that we have at heart.

Cult is culture, it is our due. Forming community, finding values ​​that I want to sacrifice for, finding leaders who inspire me because they sacrifice the most.

You can have the desire to have an eco village, then you must give your land to the community and agree  to what the grandparents say about rules and regulations, because they sacrifice and they have the common good in mind, that worship is for the welfare of all.

 The environmental movement has a great negligence basically by part of the humans towards animals, and now the united nations mentioned the importance of refraining from meat eating, but large organizations such as Green peace do not have as their primary concern. Many animal organizations recommend caring for pets but they do not mention that in India they should stop the sacrifice of animals, that it must be avoided. If you need to do it then you pay your due where you kill the animal with your hands and say that he will have the right to do the same with you in the next life. Spirituality is the defense for the motherland, to love others and to follow a leader who is capable of sacrifice without fanaticism, without thinking that he is the only one worthwhile to do it.

I wanted to convey the experience of a community that has and promotes values ​​such as gratitude, purity and compassion and at its base are meetings where members discuss how to protect those ideals together. Within these communities are authorities but no fear. For me, spirituality is the ideal of a community, especially those who have a close relationship with each other or where greater strength is the base on the common belief that we all share.

I am speaking about the Eco villages, we had the most important meeting for the eco villages here and the concept includes all spiritual communities. Do you have a spiritual community? Then it is part of this network.

A spiritual family and a community. If you open the door to your brothers to talk of universal values ​​and have a community...The future depends on communities working together in their ideals. So I was happy in this meeting with the many leaders who share their experiences and exist for a better world.

Thank you Srila Prabhupada. Thanks for this great gift and this gift is definitely for you too. Srila Prabhupada ki jay!

Your always well wisher,

Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti .

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