The importance of Oida in our lives. 02/02/2014

Dear devotees,
Today I want to share a theme about the importance of Oida in our lives.

There is something called Eugenics philosophy. The eugenicist wants to create a human race that is the "best" race, they handled and viewed the human beings as an evolving race, then to quickly have many geniuses like Einstein, " nice " people, blue eyes, white, so then they had to study to eliminate negative influences, the Jews with the curved noses, or rather they were going to kill them to be safer. They are demoniacs. These are speculated symptoms that are allegedly showing different states of traumatized behaviors and then comes the drugs that try to invent calming drugs to relieve such symptoms. But a psychologist can not give drugs, only psychiatrists, therefore the psychologists study in a more gentle manner :

 "Hello, how are you? Bad? Come here sit on the couch we're going to find a solution, yes, yes, yes. "
Then the psychologist appears as very kind but in actuality it is the prelude to give you drugs that only a psychiatrist can give you. They all sleep under the same blanket, they are atheists using the discomfort and sadness, because the first point of discomfort is to forget that you are a spiritual soul, because you try to be happy without taking into account that you are a spiritual soul, that is wrong.

The purpose of treatment of Oida Therapy is to regain the beauty of faith, the right to have convictions, ideals. You make payments to feel repentance, thankful . One of the best therapies is to give applause to God. Appreciation through applause to God is a tremendous therapy. It's very nice to applaud while sitting, but a true applause, in the material world there is something called a standing ovation, have you heard of it? When people continue applausing and are standing.

God must be given a standing ovation and that's  through dancing and sankirtana . Then you can explain to people what is Hairnam Sankirtan, it is not just a standing ovation, but a dance in applause to God. Amazing is not it? So can you explain why we do kirtan for hours, it is nothing but an applause for God and the therapy of harinam.

In the original Oida that is how it is done: an applause for God, a standing ovation to God and songs to glorify God but overall, not even Hare Krsna kirtan, Hare Krsna kirtan is introduced rapidly at times to the people and that isn't allowed in Oida. Therefore we sing: Pachamama jaya, Pachamama jayaya, Paramapurusha jaya ... as soon as you start with Sanskrit terms everyone likes, but in Oida Therapy we start with prayers, general music, " I only ask of God" as Mercedes Sosa sings.

Then you can sing a song like that. It is a therapy that awakens in people a religiosity without specifying which stream to use for worship, but because they are glorifying God, it is perfectly acceptable. That's a tremendous preaching effort.

Then the standing ovation comes and as we stand at that moment, and we can hear one of these songs and then we are no longer left standing, we begin to dance, a dancing ovation . And that is called Oida Therapy .
All this will have a major impact, and Oida therapy works with the House of Wisdom, and the House performs healing through service and Oida Therapy means doing service. Oida therapy is not passive, it is completely active! And everything that has been done is monumental, but the effect has not been seen yet, because the theme has not been completely presented, it was fragmented, until now.

We may use the familiar constellations too, " OIDA constellations therapy," which first shows how we fail God when we fail our family, someone should always represent God and should be aware of how God views situations, because He is the well -wisher of all participants, equally, it is actually a very good idea, you have to have the experience, it is a very good idea.

What happens is that a man speaks of all the issues with the woman and the woman speaks all her issues with the man, and God speaks as the transparent medium with the content of Krsna consciousness.

"First you are not the false ego, that you think you are "
" ... And that everything should be as it seems. And although it is totally wrong, you have forgotten the essence of the divine mother which your wife is a representative of, and you abused her, treated her as a sexual object, forgetting that your children are sensitive and you fight with her in front of them .... "
 Rather, it gives a devastating message, that's powerful , right? You can make special songs for that.

- God forgive me, for all the bad treatment I gave to my family, God forgive me, for the abuse of the body you gave me, God forgive me for the bad treatment of animals, God forgive me for ignoring your presence in my life, I'm sorry and I want to always have you in my memory, I can not continue to forget you anymore because you are the Lord of my life.

- God forgive me for the bad words out of my mouth, God forgive me for my diverted thoughts of your will, God forgive me for not having looked to you with hope and living influenced by the material ambition, God forgive me  for unconsciously consuming, for polluting the earth with chemicals, God forgive me for being ignorant and not worrying, for not volunteering in educating and caring for my people, for such an unconscious life, God please guide me to serve you every moment, ... God allow me to serve you in all parts, you are present in the sun and the moon and the earth that nourishes us in a wonderful way, you are in the wind and water, purifying and refreshing me. God forgive me, for every bad treatment I gave to the water, in avoiding my own realization, being engrossed in novels and politics ... worshiping you through money and being so far from you, being in ignorance.

From this you can do more than 10 songs ... even as kirtan ... and so people can repeat :
God forgive me ... I've been in gnorance, God forgive me! , I have been cruel to those around me, God forgive my ignorance to my own children, God forgive me feeding them junk food, God forgive me for being glutinous and not waking up ... God forgive me for not having prayed from the heart, God forgive me for not seeing your beauty, God forgive me for eat without thanking you, God forgive me for forgetting that you are the center, God forgive me for forgetting that only in your worship everything is resolved, God forgive me my life is yours and I have ignored.

God forgive me, I wanted to enjoy but not receive, God forgive me, for the theft I've done, you have given me all the facility to serve you, and I am left with more debt because I took from others, God forgive me for ignoring the sensitivity of others, forgive me for always putting myself in the center and hold you to blame for my suffering, God forgive me I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, God forgive me, I can not live without you , so I ask you to reveal your will,

How I can always remember your mercy ? ...

Now let's meditate on the Lord of all souls, who loves me and loves you, because we are all brothers under His mercy.

Oh Divine Mother, Mother Nature, the most wanted, because you do everything perfectly that He has put in your divine projection. Oh divine mother, you are the cause of my body, but I 've ignored and mistreated my own body and I have abused my body with bad materialistic education. Oh God forgive me, you are male and female, mother and father, my unconditional well wisher, God forgive me, I'm yours from now on, I promise I'll will follow you as you let me follow my heart by Your will.

God forgive me, my life is pure joy, because when one is depending on you then there is no regret of anything. Oh my lord I thank you, I wanna dance for your name that You have revealed to this world so we can be close to You.

Oh Sri Krsna , and Dear Radha, Oh Sri Govinda, the most beloved Srimati Radharani,
Oh Kakusarankwa, you manifest as Atisenekan, Oh Lord of the universe, You come here in female form, giving birth to your appearance and bringing the pure devotees. Your presence is always here, you're so loving, and I've been so bad, cruel and diverted... how can I obtain your forgiveness, You alone my Lord with Your infinite goodness can heal my heart ...Oh Lord of the universe, your feminine energy is like a mother without limits, who has cared for us, has come to us, even in times when we misbehaved, who has never left us .

Lord of my heart , I am very sorry and I stand before You , I kneel always thinking of you the biggest importance there is in this creation, indeed, infinite space, infinite time, are just fragments of your divine opulence, one of your smiles or care are worth more than anyone can imagine.

Your flowers are your smile, your vegetables your laugh, your water is the unlimited mercy flowing from the highest levels to feed us all. What are we before Thee?

We are nothing more than your dear children and we can remember and serve You, we can create what You want, a healthy family, a sincere community ... We can become as you wish us to become, representatives who see everyone as your children. Parents who see their family as a reexamination in their devotion to You, brothers who are after Murari to protect their sisters from being mere sex objects of a depraved industry and  so much more ...

So here we will remain for the day..

 I leave you my affection
 Jay Srila Prabhupada!
Your always well wisher,
Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti swami .

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