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Dear devotees
Please accept my blessings.
These days we have been meditating on the subject of education.

First off it is important to know the difference between information and education. Now a days, we receive more information than education. There is no real concern or connection between your teacher and your internal development. This is the same as in medicine. There is no real relationship between your doctor and your health. In psychology there is no real relationship between the psychologist and the patient.

In Vedic culture and ancestral cultures there is an emphasis on the relationship of the teacher with the disciple. There is the constant concern of the teacher to educate the disciple. That is not to provide information, it is to represent the mystic teachings of the culture in a reliable manner.

To educate is to teach by example. Teaching values. Transmitting culture so that the disciple becomes cultured and. Cult is adoration and culture is worship, worship the sacred, worship God, mother earth, worship rivers, loving our brothers. An educated person is one who worships God. They know and understand the basic values ​​of life. Respect, cleanliness, austerity, the joy of being happy with what we have and utilizing it to please Sri Krsna. All that can be learned in the school of the spiritual master.
We do not complain of materialistic education; it educates us not only values ​​but at the same time it also gives information that is false. For example, take into mind the theory of evolution. Explain to a child that he came from a monkey. Or that it all started with a bang and there is no need to acknowledge anything or appreciate anyone. And that life only ends with death therefore, you should enjoy to the fullest. Putting that into the mind and heart of a child is damaging and terrible. But we have received that damage. It is a trauma. So the atheist justifies everything he does. They invented a lot of philosophy to support their desire to enjoy.

Being in Krishna consciousness is being in constant cultivation of activities, charging your batteries. You have to turn the engine on with the batteries that we have received from Srila Prabhupada. Hopefully everyone is well connected to receive all the surcharged energy of Krishna consciousness . Now you should devote your life to helping others in their spiritual education. That is the perennial process. If you inspire someone to become a devotee with your preaching he is in your care for life. It is not about bringing Krishna into someone's life and then you say 'I do not care what you do after this'. You can not give someone Krishna and then act badly or dissociate yourself from that person, on the contrary now you 're his Vaisnava companion who will care for this person for the rest of their life. That's perennial education. That's genuine interest in others. Give them something that will serve them for life. Not like doctors: they give him medicine and then on to the next patient, never again do they see you unless you are a regular customer.

A devotee is a physician of the soul. And a soul requires ongoing treatment to leave out of this world. You need one and many who to assist. So in education there are many who are involved: dad, mom, spiritual teacher and everyone in the community.

A devotee is one who cultivates people who want to leave this world, that means until you exit this world you have a responsibility just like a dad or mom has. A parent never leaves the child, it would be a sin to. So also one can not leave the preaching, that would be an act of violence. One has no right to it. You have free will and because of how you acted with that free will you are in this world.

This free will can take you up or can take you down. It depends on what you decide but if you have good association you can be saved. In schools there is no good association. Once they asked Srila Prabhupada: What is the importance of the childhood experiences in regards to the further development of one self?

Srila Prabhupada said . . . " Children imitate who they associated with. All of you know the movie Tarzan and he was raised by apes, and took the habit of monkeys. If you keep children in good association, their psychological development will be very good- and can become as good as demigods. But if you give them bad association, they will become demoniac. Children are a blank slate you can mold them as you like, they are eager to learn." Srila Prabhupada was very committed to the education of children.

Srila Prabhupada was revolutionary , he was sent only to attack the great beast of Western materialism. He went to the West and was successful in establishing the message of pure love of Krishna. And he gave the best by example, with his instructions, his writings, with his projects.

Srila Prabhupada came to this world to recruit us all to become pure devotees.
Srila Prabhupada had the courage to tell the materialist : you're wrong. But Srila Prabhupada said it in such a loving way and yet so strong . Srila Prabhupada in the famous Harvard University said "Universities are slaughterhouses of the soul." You are not educating people in science to know who they are, that is life, what is death and what is the goal. You certify people with knowledge without having taught them in a scientific manner the cause of birth, aging, sickness and death.

Srila Prabhupada did not fear anyone. When it was announced that man reached the moon, Srila Prabhupada said "Lie, how can a man ever reach the moon?" They asked, but Prabhupada How can you say this? Srila Prabhupada said : This is what the sastras say. Srila Prabhupada had a fixed faith. But some disciples doubted this: How can Srila Prabhupada can say this when they are showing it on TV and there are some guys walking on the moon? Srila Prabhupada said, "they are walking in a desert but not on the moon." Then some disciples of Srila Prabhupada said, No, we can no longer believe in Srila Prabhupada and they were gone, but few left. I personally do not mind the theme of the moon because I thought : I'm in the land and I do not have things well organized here, what do I care about reaching the moon." It was not my problem but I also thought : How could Prabhupada says this?

Today, many years after the so-called moon landing it was uncovered and indeed man never landed on the moon, it was all a lie, a deception to everyone just to prove supremacy of a technology they didn't have. There is evidence that checks out and frauds the moon landing, representing the greatest theft of humanity.

That was Srila Prabhupada. No fear. Revolutionary. He was an educator first. All who had contact with Srila Prabhupada had this impact. Srila Prabhupada was really interested in our soul, in our spiritual growth. Even many of his disciples saw him only once or a few times but it was enough to engrave in their hearts the great love he had for all. His love was of a quality that was enamored by his compassion and care. After listening to a class of Srila Prabhupada you wanted to run to change the world. But how can you change the world if you do not change yourself first. That is true education.

I wish that you all findin this life an eternal educator and you too become educators. Since I arrived to the school of my spiritual master he sent me to teach others. How was that possible? By the mercy and the urgency to deliver this message in this world. You do not know how beautiful Krishna consciousness is until you experience it, so we should encourage everyone to learn and become educators in Krishna consciousness. We do not deserve this but we receive it by His mercy. And by that same mercy we must give to others so we do not lose it .
With these words I leave today.

Srila Prabhupada ki Jay.

Your always well wisher,

B. A. Swami Paramadvaiti .

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