Invitation to India. 02/23/2014

                                               From Vrinda kuñja .
My dear devotees
Receive all my affection from Vrindavan.

India is wonderful and the biggest secret of India is that it sent the seed of sacred culture to be sown throughout the world. A seed filled with love, tenderness and beauty. A message that can build a temple in the heart of every person. Whoever lets this message reach their heart and nourishes it with the energy of devotional service chanting the Holy names of the Infinite Lord is on the right track.

This India invited us, giving us through her pure devotee, Srila AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and others, a real home in her sacred womb. That's the Vrinda Kunja, the sacred shrine of Vrindavan. A shrine near the sacred river Yamuna. Protected by Ksetra pal, Sri Gopisvara Mahadeva, who guards the entrance to the Infinite dance of the Lord and His devotees, eternal associates.

Vrinda Kunja is open to members of the Vrinda family and friends. They have been coming now for 30 years to Vrindavan to take refuge in the inspiration of service to this infinite love and its expansions around the world. Vrindavan is a place of study, deepening the mystical secrets of the Srimad Bhagavatam, which tells the whole story of Sri Krsna and His divine teachings. Visiting the many destinations of these manifestations of love in Braja Mandala with a months worth of workshops, offerings, meetings, yajnas, festivals like diwali, appearance of the sacred Radha- Kunda, the commemoration of the destruction of the false ego of the king of the sky ( Indra ) because of Krsna as a child who lifts the Govardhan hill to give shelter to those who seek it. It also celebrates the sacred Go -puja to remember the love of the Infinite Lord for all animals. Especially for sacred cows. Go up to the mountain of the Lord Shiva in Adi- Kedarnath and learn the spirit of service to the holy Dhama, becoming humble guardians who are trying to clean both the heart and those around us.

The month of Braj mandal parikrama is accompanied by deep reflection of our journey on Earth, towards the perfection of yoga. The maximum development of the love that our soul is capable of cultivating. Times in which the Divine manifests His special mercy is also recalled. For Example, at half day at the Surya Kunda, the sacred lake of Surya Narayana will be visited, where Lord Krishna shows His opulences to those who are seeking Him.

Sitting in the boat, singing beautiful prayers, we feel the charm of the beautiful nature of the bird sanctuary of Vrindavan. And getting close to Mathura, to the temple of the mystic Yogi Durvasa Muni, who has his kutir at the top of a mountain from where you can see the Vishram Ghat where brothers and sisters take vows of a sacred consecrated life and pilgrims take their vows.

For 30 years I have had the infinite mercy to guide these inspiring groups of hearts, that led our family all over the world. And presenting them to the holy feet of my eternal master at his bhajan kutir in Radha Damodar and his samadhi mandir in Raman Reti. We also welcome the appearance of our guardian and teacher of  sannyasi life, Srila Bhakti Raksak Sridhar Maharaj.

Vrinda Kunja is an oasis located in the heart of old Vrindavan. Very close to Keshi Ghat, where the future museum of the WVA ( Pandavali kunja ) and Yamuna Kunja are and from where we serve the entire Vaishnava community.

Kartik is a month of preparation. Especially for our Vrinda Family it is a month of union. Where the sacred Andes connect with his brother the Himalayas, the home of Eastern wisdom. In the company of my dear brother, Atulananda we prepare to continue the sacred pilgrimage to several amazing destinations.

After Braja Mandal parikrama this year we will visit the city of Mayapur, where we will continue touring the sacred pilgrimage sites of Sri Caitanya and Sri Nityananda. Then go to where Sri Nityananda Prabhu appeared in Ekachakra, Ambika Kalna where we see the first life-size deities of Gouri Das Pandit, Panihati where Sri Raghunath Das Goswami received mercy and Remuna, the site celebrated the by the mercy of Ksiracora Gopinath.

Coming finally to the sacred site of Sri Jagannath, where we will visit important places like Sri Ksetra. So in this maha - parikrama we will cover the three main routes of the Gaudiya - Vaishnava.

This year is a year of gratitude to sacred India and its great teachers for giving to our spiritual family. We pray to our Lord, "Please let me be an instrument of your love Oh , my Lord, let me serve you in this life in your family of love." With these ceremonies it culminates to the celebration of 30 years of the Vrinda Family and its pilgrimages .I feel very honored and grateful that, with the permission of the local spiritual leaders, it could be possible that each of you gets to participate in the parikrama.

As for practical service this is my suggestion : take advantage of your empty suitcases so when you come to Vrindavan  bring gifts for dhama-vasis in the form of useful learning articles, clothes that can be distributed in our schools and villages in Braja. I also ask you to bring pictures of your deities and your temples which will be beautifully mounted on display during the festival.

With that I say goodbye for today.
Meditating on this beautiful festival that we have ahead of us. I hope to have each of you here. All my love to you.

Jay Srila Prabhupada!
Your always well wisher,
Ba Paramadvaiti Swami

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