I pray to Krsna that you regain this appreciation 03/23/14 From Miami


My dear devotees , Greetings from Miami Mandir.
Happy to meet again with the devotees of Miami, after nearly two months of many activities in India.

To keep a family together in Vaishnavism, it is very important that the people that you do service with know that you appreciate what they do. And more importantly, that you continue appreciating what the spiritual master is doing and a lot of that depends on your good example.

If, perhaps for years or other reasons, a devotee loses interest in what the spiritual master does and stops listening to his lectures and stops reading his weekly messages, it means that one way or another something inside him needs attention: what if you have a girlfriend in your life, she sent you a letter and you, you don't even read it?

In relationships of heart to heart one should tell one another all the time " I love you, I'm happy that you exist, I am grateful that you care about me, I feel that you are for me the encouragement that makes me get up in the morning and encourages me to do things again and again."

Just as when the spiritual master receives the disciple with a hug, with a smiling face and words of encouragement. He wants to know how you been, what you need to be happy. The fact that the spiritual master has this concern about every devotee makes one remember the direct presence of Krishna within us. Do not forget that along with the spiritual master is the entire spiritual family: the spiritual brothers, spiritual uncles, the spiritual grandfather, the spiritual great grandfather, the holy scriptures, the deities that the spiritual master installed and installed so that we can worship, the holy name, devotional songs, the gayatri mantra ... a beautiful and unique culture of its kind.

If I lose appreciation for all that or if I feel bored (most likely it is due to bad association), something starts to die inside me and I start to get into an area of ​​danger. At that point I have to wonder how I will recover and feel the beautiful things I felt when I danced in the kirtans with my brothers or when I would go do Sankirtan for extra hours to connect more people with Krishna Consciousness. When I endured the discomfort of a cold and still got up at mangal artik not wanting to spend a day without receiving the darshan of the Deity in the morning. Those beautiful moments when I did not have my mind invaded on negative thoughts and justifications, in bad times usually caused by bad circumstances or living with other devotees.

You know, even among brothers there are fights for no reason when they are children, and so cohabitation always has hard times, trials and hardships, but those details do not matter to the Supreme Grace that is Krishna Consciousness. That is why contact with the spiritual master is so important, not only with the spiritual master but also with other devotees who love and appreciate your work, and those who are encouraging you to do the same. Do not forget that the spiritual master has the task of transforming you into a spiritual master also. Such a task when one has to observe his own consciousness!

Therefore, how will he transform you into a spiritual master if you do not even notice that one's teacher is working in such a way?What reason could one give to stay away from your spiritual master? Could it be that there was some misunderstanding? Is is that you really talked to him for an explanation of what you did not understand? Did you give your spiritual master the chance to show you the affection that you need?

Or was it your material desires that flourished and that made ​​you decide not to go to your spiritual master or to his devotees because they expected some contribution toward the plans of Krishna Consciousness? While you had no desire to contribute anything.What was the trap of Maya that got you?

Well remember that Krishna just wants your heart, he wants nothing material from us, yet He allows us to participate in His many marvels that he is organizing on this Planet Earth. Wonderful and varied things. Just seeing what has been done in Vrinda family and other missions for the expansion of Krishna Consciousness is so wonderful. Sure, there will always be imperfections, but problems exist to solve them one: that's why problems ultimately are blessings. But let's move ahead anyway, because as they say in South America:"do not go back not even to build momentum".

We will always strive to make something beautiful, because if we do not do something nice then we only do something ugly and that's not good. Furthermore, if you're not preaching, you're not giving others a chance to feel love for Sri Guru and the Vaisnavas, so you're not communicating the message nor allowing other people to connect. Then your life has no meaning nor can you produce much joy for others. Your life is a precious diamond which can brighten the darkest places and thus give life to the hearts of others. Chances are you are suffering from loneliness, and he who does not give something very deep and significant to others will not have any company committed to him. Well, even families get bored and move away from one another when there is no concern in the relationship. So loneliness, especially in old age is a terrible thing.

What is the solution against that?

Always speak about Krishna and surround yourself with people of any age who want to share in an arati, in prasadam, the guru 's mission and the latest instructions from him.

People watch news and read the newspaper every day, meaningless news like someone who made a goal somewhere in the world and a name of someone you do not even know. Yet people look at such mindless news--all those things that you consume. Well of course we need to hear news, but the soul needs spiritual development, devotees like Yuga Dharma and Thakur distributed 600 Srimad Bhagavatams in a single day in Venezuela, that should be a reason to jump for joy and so we should congratulate these devotees who are on the street preaching intensely in Venezuela. But if you do not hear or find out about what the brothers of your spiritual family are doing, if you do not contact them, then loneliness and boredom will invade you and only the karmic news is going to generate some kind of satisfaction. Sure, the world news only reports things so ugly that when you read them you think "there, luckily this is not me and things aren't going so wrong in life", but that's just more nonsense.

In other words, the nectar of the devotees, the nectar of the latest publications of SEVA, preaching nectar, the nectar of the worship of the deity (like Syama Mohini and Vishvanath and La Merced in Mexico that made a beautiful onyx altar), such news is worthy and should be celebrated, jumping and dancing.

I pray to Krishna for you to regain this appreciation and that you spend time to know what happens in your family. Our spiritual family has grown a lot and every time I visit all the temples less ( although I wish I could visit more), I can not even visit all countries that there are temples, nor can I write very long letters to the devotees. I remembered disciples of Srila Prabhupada, at the end of his life, started recording because he could not go to their countries.

More service and more expansion of the mission requires more advanced devotees to put the energy into more place where a siksa guru is needed. Because the diksa guru can no longer appear. And as the diksa guru and siksa guru go in the same direction, then the devotees will naturally feel gratitude to perceive that there are people who are sacrificing themselves for the beautiful cause of bhakti. With these words I leave you today, I hope that it does not sound trite to say things you may have heard many times. When I repeat it, it's only because it is the inspiration that comes to me at the time. Thanks for reading these lines.

If you want to make me a special favor, I ask you to distribute this letter that comes from my heart to all of the devotees who are not as connected at this time.

Thank you for accompanying me on this journey of service to my Gurudeva.

With all my affection.
Jay Srila Prabhupada!
Your always wisher,
B. A. Swami Paramadvaiti .

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