The importance of spiritual assessment. Sao Paulo 03/30/2014

                                                           From Brazil .

My dear devotees .
Receive all my affection today .

I want to share a few words with you about the importance of spiritual assessment.

I am very happy because the Lord let me go back to Brazil . I first came to this country 38 years ago, also on a flight from Caracas to Sao Paulo. The same destination, the same trip. Thirty eight years ago I came to Brazil, a world completely unknown to me. Of course, the world of the divine plans of Krishna are always very difficult to understand. Until yesterday I did not know that Krishna also worked with TAM airlines and that cancellations are done without authorization and in secret :)

The day when I arrived at Caracas airport to travel to Brazil I was looking for the TAM airline to embark, but it was nowhere to be seen, nobody knew anything and I was worried, thinking, "how is it possible, I have a flight? " And after 2 hours of research I found out that my flight had been canceled two months ago, without any warning. Well, then I thought : What am I doing here? I was worried and did not have the slightest idea what was going on, I knew that Brazil had an organized program at the Aclimacao park. I thought, "What am I going to do now? " But it was dark at the airport in Caracas. I was even a little angry because they had not confirmed the flight. You're always looking for a culprit, you never think that it is you who is at fault, rather one thinks that you are innocent and the others are bad. Anyways I accepted and thought, " Krishna, it is what You want" then, after two hours I was told I could travel the next day.

At some point I thought they were going to cancel everything and I had to stay in Caracas, but eventually it resulted in just another day in the city. I did not know, but the next day there was a meeting of more than 100,000 people who were making ​​a statement to protect Mother Nature. I had forgotten about this, but since we were there we participate in the event and in fact it was a very important meeting. Practically the most important day of the existence of our movement in Venezuela, which ended with a meeting between the President of the country, the Cabinet Ministers of the Government and the devotees. If I had known that this would happen, I would have canceled the previous flight myself, but Krishna did. Krishna does everything, He even worries about irregularities. I was told that we were invited to participate in this event, but I did not know that the government and the independent groups would also be present. It was a very important meeting.

The next day I was suppose to travel and so I returned to the airport and everything was normal again, TAM existed. I wanted to share this because it was totally a plan of Krishna. From the beginning to the end. Flight canceled alongside a disappeared airline to public relations with the Government of Venezuela. Only God knows how he will use us.  Venezuela is the first government that openly declared it self as an environmentalist country, therefore our responsibility to that is done by the  Spoon Revolution and the World Conscious Pact.

Many things happened that day, a rally with 100,000 people, 5 hours of very auspicious harinaza. We were very well received by all of them, they could not believe what we were doing. Everyone carried signs of protest, but nobody had music, just us. That is the gift of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, who always makes things better. Behind us was a large group of 500 people with slogans, they at one point got tired and came to me and said, " You go, you sing and all of us will also sing" So we did a kirtan with 500 voices. It was great, it was the first time I sang, but they did very well. That is the mission of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

When we make a fair comparison of the things that the world offers, we realize that the overall situation is always the same: aggression, violence and sadness.

Working in the mail: sad,
Working in the military: sad,
Working in Government: sad,
Working in trade selling things to the capitalists: very sad
Working in a factory making shoes: very sad.

So honestly, most people are unhappy with their work, but they have no choice. They have to do that to eat ... but the result of all this is that the world remains sad, no dancing, no singing, no smiles. In the Quran God says he who make others smile goes to Heaven. Do you understand?

It is an interesting topic because almost no one is smiling because no one has a reason to smile. When they get home  they only fight with their wife or husband. No smile. When they see their children they do not smile. It's really very sad. But thankfully, the other side is Krishna Consciousness, where devotees rise early for mangal arati to dance and sing. Early in the morning they take a bath, come into contact with water who is Krishna Himself, a luxury. They cleanse themselves from their dream, fantastic. Then they put clean clothes, another luxury .

Devotees wear clean clothes every day, that's a real treat. Think of the farmers, for example, they never have clean clothes, they have to use the same clothes forever. Then the devotees sacredly decorate their body with tilaka. A devotee has time to consecrate his body. Another luxury. "Om Kesavaya namah Om Narayanaya namah ..." So, every step you are remembering how God is protecting your body, that is beauty! Another luxury.

So mangal arati begins and the devotee receives the darshan of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, it is not just a luxury. That's the greatest causeless mercy. At 5 am, every day, you can have an audience with God Himself!

Normally it is not very easy to get an audience with the governor of the city . No one is going to say " I'll see him tomorrow " ... you may never get to see him that way. However, when one goes to mangal arati one receives mercy daily... I do not understand very well as there are people who prefer to avoid it. Perhaps their mind is a little sick, or there is a lack of faith. Well they are missing the opportunity of having personal audience with God. Sure, it happens that when you have something every day you no longer find it very special ... but that does not mean it ceases to be wonderful. I had to wait almost a year to receive the darshan of Gandharvika Giridhari. Long time! And you have it every day.

Morning darshan is a tremendous luxury, what a mercy ! And what do the devotees to be thankful for such darshan of the Lord? They offer all the elements of His own creation. The pujari offers all these energies with love, with love, with affection and with care for my Lord. Krishna gives you, you give it to Krishna ... And so, again and again, Krishna gives you, you give it to Krishna. You offer to the Lord and then the Lord gives His remnants. One gets the fire, the water touches our heads ... everything is mercy.

In Krishna Consciousness everything amazing. Being a monk is a great mercy. It is also a mercy to be a real grhasta of Krishna, a grhasta raising her children is something very special and auspicious. Being a monk living in the temple, a brahmacari, a vishnupriya is a unique opportunity. You have to understand the essence to capture the spiritual beauty that signifies all this.

It's amazing that we can live in the monastery of God. The temple of God where one can get up early, where you can devote your body, which can have the darshan of the Lord, which can be in the kirtan and chanting with the devotees and which can then glorify all Vaishnavas, the holy places and listen to scripture, amazing. That is the meditation of devotees who offer their hearts at the feet of the pure Vaishnava . That's the life of the devotees, to remember Krishna .

Krishna Consciousness is a process of essence. Maybe in a way things are done differently in some places, but the essence is always the same: try to please Krishna and His devotees. One has to have the flexibility to understand the different ways in which Krishna is manifested in the life of the devotee. Krishna's things are special, and they are not necessarily the way we want them to be.

I pray that each of you can deepen your spiritual life and appreciate all that has been given to you and that you can feel a strong commitment in service to Srila Prabhupada.

This is the message I wanted to share today.
Jay Srila Prabhupada!

Your always wisher,
B. A. Swami Paramadvaiti

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