People who are very dear in life, Mothers. 05/11/14 from Miami.


My dearest devotees, receive all my affection from Miami. A special greeting to all mothers, because today in the West is celebrated as Mother's Day. Sure, it is a day that is organized by the trade, but it helps us remember very dear people in our life, mothers.

I remember my own mother and all mothers who do a wonderful service. In the life of a devotee they should always make an effort to make mothers happy. From the scriptures we have received all indications that a devotee should be a gentleman with females. In addition, in essence, we must always remember that our constitutional nature is female, the eternal servants of the Supreme Controller. We are infinitely grateful to Srila Prabhupada for giving us the regulative principles that teach us to respect the opposite sex and not see anyone with an exploitative mentality.

Srila Prabhupada taught us that we must avoid abusing the opposite sex and that it has been confirmed by the brothers of the Sierra Nevada, they say that a woman who is used for one's own pleasure creates a serious imbalance in the society and this imbalance increases when unwanted or abandoned children appear.

Today not only do we remember and celebrate all mothers, but the main stem: The Cosmic Mother, Srimati Radharani. This is a day of prayer to the cosmic mother, who gives us Her grace manifested in the determination to serve both her and all mothers in the world with full joy. In the material world, men and women make mistakes every day, but they can fight to fulfill their universal duty ...

The duty of a mother is to be an educator of their children, raise them and guide them down the right path that leads to God. The duty of the man is to become a spiritual leader, a guru who can pull souls out of ignorance. Now, to become a real mother and a real guru a lot of determination is required. Only through determination can it be possible to not fail today nor tomorrow. And we'll have that determination only by mercy, not by our own power. We pray again and again to Srimati Radharani to grant us that determination of not wanting to fail others. Thus, to the Vishnupriya Ashram and Maharani Ashram of the Vrinda Family I can tell you: you are the mothers of our spiritual family and I feel very fortunate to have found them all in this life. And married mothers caring for their children and protecting their families I say: You are the brave pioneers in the field of expansion of Krishna Consciousness .

My dear devotees, I think in the future of our children I wish there to be satisfactory educational institutions for them. And I 'm working on it through the Oidatherapy. Why Oidatherapy? Because through it you can link people in a spiritually conscious manner, very much in the mode of goodness. So I 've tried setting all this in such a manner that a person who is not devout can connect with the whole process of Oidatherapy so much so that they want to educate their children under the same principles and values ​​that are set by Oida. To do this we need to establish Oida as a given authorative, and through mediums like ayurveda or hatha yoga. For in the Oida therapy platform you can work with a much broader group of people.

Ikwashendwna serves the same purpose, our service can reach more and more souls, where everyone is invited to become Guardians of Mother Nature .To reach more people at that level we need a common language with which we can communicate, because a person who is not devout can not come and say, "Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita that ... " That does not work there, rather you have to invite them to be aware of their surroundings and get them excited to become protective of him. If not we end up being just a bunch of " Hare Krishnas " not being able to reach more people. So we have established with Oida therapy a healing circle as the tool to be clear on the objective to be achieved: the healing of the soul. After that each person can define their individual faith according to a mystical tradition that they wish to follow,  always being respectful of those who have decided to put their faith in a different area than mine.

To make this functionally accepted in the world, it requires that substance, because if I launch a school today of Hare Krsna's it will be very difficult to find others who will accept it in the world  and all our projects are vulnerable and I do not want to put our children in a vulnerable situation.

To them our service is dedicated: the children who are the future of society.
And today, on Mother's Day, also remember them.
With these words I say goodbye for today.

Your always well wisher,
B. A. Swami Paramadvaiti .

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