News! From Germany 7.20.14

My dear devotees,
I send my love from Germany, this is a little message for Sunday Chat from Europe. I have very beautiful news to share with all of you.

Two years ago I  heard the music production of Nrishimha prabhu for the first time called "Open range, Bakata reborn." At the time I was fascinated with the music of the Sierra Nevada of Colombia, with the songs of the Mamos (the priests of the Sierra) and the inspiring example of leaders like Ati Quigua. Shortly after that I personally met Ati and we developed a connection with the whole project they were developing. Then, we traveled with a group of devotees to Brazil to attend the Rio +20  where we formed an activist group that preached about protecting Mother Nature and the animals. There we officially founded the World Conscious Pact with Vandana Shiva and other activist organizations and individuals.

Throughout this work, both myself and the Vaishnava participants, kept low profiles, while supporting all initiatives; and this is because if people saw a very strong leadership of the devotees they could feel and possibly give less importance to the message. Awareness and participation of everyone was the main message.

Back in Colombia I received an invitation from Mamo Lwntana to participate in the Foundation of Ikwashendwna, the Covenant of the Guardians of Nature. Mamo Lwntana offered support and agreed that the World Conscious Pact and Ikwashendwna were the same. Thus, we presented as the World Conscious Pact - Ikwashendwna. After that, Mamo Lwntana said the Guardians of Nature would be known as "Naturalists" and, from this, the idea of ​​Chaksi-fest began as a promotional format for the World Conscious Pact.

At the World Conscious Pact - Ikwashendwna establishment two musical leaders who are well known in South America and in the world participated: Hector Buitrago (Aterciopelados) and David Jaramillo - Nrishimha Das (Doctor Krapula), along with other friends and musical guardians and advocates for Mother Earth. After the foundation of the World Conscious Pact - Ikwashendwna, I received another invitation from another Mamo, Antonino, to create a common educational effort called the University of Ancestral Wisdom (UDSA-spanish), whose main purpose is to return a source of knowledge for native brothers about the reality of modernization, impacts and dangers. For this purpose, I also had the great fortune to receive from the hands of the venerable Mexican educator Eduardo del Rio (Rius) the collaboration of all his conscious messages to be used by anyone who would benefit from these messages.

Simultaneously we were able to connect the original law of the ancestral Andean people, known as "Law is" with the universal principles practiced by the inhabitants of the Himalayas in the East. This friendship between the Vaishnava groups and the original tribes in the world, including Dr. Vandana Shiva and the Ati Quigua leader, marked the beginning and it illuminated a new commitment that coincided with the launch of the high-impact music production in South America "the voices of Patagonia "in Chile and" Ama-zonas" by David Jaramillo and Collective Jaguar in Colombia.

In these days I was speaking to David Jaramillo - Nrishimha Das, on the need to revive the campaign "Open range, Bakata reborn" in a solid manner. There he gave me, completely at our expense, the promotional tool for the campaign for use in connection with the Global Conscious Pact and the  Ancestral Wisdom of our guardians. I was very happy to know this, and that's the news I wanted to share with you, because this beautiful production has not yet been sufficiently promoted internationally and it is still unknown. Of course, one must always consider that these three major productions that I've talked about today, "Open range Bakata reborn", "Voices of Patagonia" and "Ama-zonas" are entirely donated by the authors and it is of interest to all of us that this music reaches the maximum number of people on the planet so they can benefit from it. So more people can be made ​​aware of what is happening and will be able to join this campaign.

Like the Andes, the Himalayas have been threatened by hundreds of dams and should be protected, the water for millions is in danger. So, this fight is very important for the Planet and I am very happy that we can be part of it. An important part of this effort was the campaign launch in Colombia by Ati Quigua to recognize the rights of Mother Earth and giving him the benefit of being considered a judiciary person that can be legally protected from exploitation.

This Ati campaign was taken up in Europe by another activist that Krishna put in our way, his name is Mumta Ito, she is working hard in preparing this proposal for the European Parliament. She invited the World Conscious Pact - Ikwashendwna to be part of this campaign. Thus, the call of the Andes to protect Mother Nature can reach all corners of the world. We can present this campaign along with other efforts and services that the World Conscious Pact and the University of Ancient Wisdom. Better said, we are forming a beautiful alliance of friendship in which we can join and become representatives. So we will be partakers of all the struggles that take place around the planet for the protection of Mother Earth.

Vaishnavas are present in this dynamic through the distribution of prasada. Vaishnavas are noted in the kitchen, because love begins in the stomach. And if you distribute prasada to the people, then their hearts can be filled with love and their awareness can be improved.

Please dear devotees, consider that everything I just told you about are arrangements of  Lord Krishna  Himself; I never imagined that all these connections and facts would happen. Through the Chaski - fest we can reach thousands and millions of people with the distribution of prasada, inviting them to chant the holy names of the Lord and learn more about the Vaishnava culture.

Personally, I think the expansion of Krishna Consciousness is going to manifest simultaneously when people see that devotees are allies in the fight for the welfare of the planet, alongside all of them. So one of the tasks that we will meet at this time is to make a new design and promotion for Open range, Bakata reborn so it can be distributed in all cultural festivals and even in sankirtan.

We must also begin to launch the World Conscious Pact - Ikwashendwna at large. We have the support of David Jaramillo and Collective Jaguar (Nrishimha prabhu) who will surely soon be rewarded for their excellent production.

We will be working on several sides to fulfill these tasks. Along with prabhu Aradhya we will work on a professional film that allows us to spread it all  in a very serious manner. I wanted to share this about the service we are doing for the World Conscious Pact.

On the other hand, I want to tell you that I am very pleased with the wonderful boom in book distribution thanks to the sankirtan group which is led by Thakur prabhu. I believe that in the future much more energy will flow in this area, especially in the distribution of educational materials, such as the new Yoga Inbound course through correspondence. My dear, we must not forget the main thing of all, we are a Vaishnava community that is looking to win the hearts and friendship of the people to serve them better and show them transcendental knowledge.

Our presence in South America with the Eco Yoga Villages is of utmost importance because preaching to the volunteers who visit us has a really big impact, it is something that is just beginning and will produce very good results. Also our presence in India and our participation in festivals like the Kumbha Mela has been of the utmost importance. We hope we can become instruments of love of Sri Krishna and Srila Prabhupada.

Srila Prabhupada, who was a great defender of Mother Earth, gave us his blessing. May his and Lord Caitanya's glory, who predicted that the Lord has thousands of names to invoke His gracious presence, be disseminated in that manner. At least, we experienced  it that way on the day of the founding of Ikwashendwna, singing all night with aruhacos, Kogi and others. We sang together the different names of God and danced nonstop until midnight feeling that we were receiving a blessing. I did not imagined that the song of the Kumbha Mela Ganga Mai was going to circulate throughout the planet.

The Sierra Nevada of Colombia called the Heart of the Earth is actually becoming famous all over the Earth.

So we end the chat here today, remember the instruction of saying, doing and being prepared.

Your always well wisher,
B. A. Paramadvaiti Swami.

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