Traveling & Preaching 7/27/14 From Austria

Dear devotees. From Austria I send this chat today.

We are traveling at a rate of one country per day. So there is no desperation we are meeting beside rivers and lakes to take advantage of the beautiful Mother Nature in all its merciful aspects.
Right now I'm talking to Gandharvika, the Austrian artist. We are planning more Chaskis festivals. I am inviting her, as soon as she feels the need, to go to South America to do a Chaskis tour throughout all the temples.

Now tomorrow we are going to Hungary to a 6-day Mela where I can recuperate some strength. There we will be more calm. And Yatra in Germany, I can tell you that they just prepared the art of sadhana of Srila Bhakti Promode Puri Maharaj so they can start distributing it.

When you travel around Europe preaching you realize the nectar of preaching in South America. As you said, one does not know what you have until you lose it. So, I can tell you that I have received much mercy to represent Srila Prabhupada with you anywhere in the world. It's nice to open a mission anywhere in the world, but believe me it is a very hard thing and more so when it is in Europe.

The many number of projects that there are in South America is a great fortune to be able to know besides the devotees filled with much enthusiasm. But there is a very interesting thing for all of us and that is that the people in Europe are interested in the ancient villages. On this side, it can be shown that the ancient wisdom of India and that of the world is really one.

A base to see the world differently and solve the problems facing humanity. So I think we are in a historical moment where they are giving circumstances, that from my point of view, is a positive forecast for the Planet.

In recent days I  have been discovering productions of Vrinda that I had not seen although they are not so new. Perhaps due to the saturation of our materials there are other very important material that I have missed. For example Gandharvika offers a new video clip called Wake up sleeping soul on youtube for all to see ( Or mother Gita Manjari who has a beautiful video clip called Gopinath, to the tune of Ave Maria. (

I send all my affection. The celebration of 30 years of the Vrinda Mission we are celebrating everywhere, especially by the medium of sacred songs in all waters of the world.

Your always well wisher,
Swami Paramadvaiti

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