Proposal of Peace. From Bolivia 9/21/14

My dear devotees, greetings from the heart I am now traveling to La Paz, Bolivia.

Dear devotees and friends,

Today I want to share with you some reflections on peace, after having participated in the International Meeting for Peace in Korea. This message is called "Caring for peace begins with respecting Mother Earth and all living beings therein, without distinction"

Why do we seek peace?

Is it because we are tired of seeing the color of blood? Is it because we have a certain amount of responsibility towards the victims? Is it because there is a definite liability to a Superior Entity for which we will be judged?

Our Creator has established a dynamic in the world where peace becomes the price we must pay for both communities and individuals, to have the necessary conditions for their growth.

Each of the world's inhabitants lives protecting himself from the fear of threats that can cause him harm like violence, wars, nuclear disasters, etc. We fear for our lives and that of our loved ones. Naturally we seek peace and quiet.

However, that peace should not be directed only to us but also to the things around us and the environment that shelters us. We must also think about Mother Earth and make peace with it. Of course we know that the best way to be at peace is to avoid abuse, therefore, we must avoid at all costs any harm to Mother Earth.

The latest reports from the UN report the urgent and imperative need to reduce meat consumption to the point of becoming vegetarian or vegan to save the planet that is densely populated. Is it that there is a relationship between the  suffering of the animals who have died unnecessarily to the lack of peace on Earth?

Those who believe in leading a religious life but do not take into account the principles relating to respect for Mother Earth and the beings who inhabit it, need to be lovingly informed about it and should make an effort to begin to apply them in their daily lives. Otherwise, other efforts to achieve peace will be frustrated and no one should try to fall into despair, which is bad these days.

Allow me, my dear children, observe together some items that we can include in our peace proposal:

1-We should know that those who kill other beings with no real need (ex: for defense or survival) become an opponent of peace.

2 The weapons sold to many countries, police forces or individuals must be registered by the UN. Any movement of weapons should be monitored, every shot must be registered. Just as credit cards are supervised, that should also be done with weapons. The buyer of a firearm must commit to using it correctly; in case of an error, they will be obliged to return the weapons they have purchased and will have to compensate for the error. Those who use guns illegally, becomes an opponent of peace.

3 No human being should be deprived of potable water, basic shelter and food at reasonable prices and not speculative. Governments that do not provide for their citizens, they become terrible managers and are also a danger to peace.

These three points are basic and are very valuable to reach the goal of living together in a peaceful situation. Peace must be a priority for public administrators and leaders. Caring for Mother Earth is essential for the development and maintenance of real peace, therefore, governments must work to protect and not exploit.

Our joy is that peace is real, humans can put their faith in peace and fight for this beautiful conviction. With faith, we can appreciate the efforts of Mr.Man Hee Lee and Nam Hee Kim who are supporters of the "Global Alliance of Religions" and "Peace Summit" in Korea; they invited me and I attended the meeting with great desire to collaborate in their efforts, taking with me what the Vrinda family can bring to work for peace and respect for religions.

The revelations of Oidatherapy Perennial Psychology, therapy that we have been developing for several years, offers tools in the area of understanding faith, its origin and curative aspects. On the other hand, it is directly related to the development of Universal Love that opposes bigotry, sectarianism and nihilism, three aspects that psychiatrist Viktor Frankl describes as neurotic mental disorders that when treated can have a good prognosis.

Oida Therapy becomes a great help at this point, where having awareness of the problem and asking  for help are identified as the first step towards improvement. I recommend that you all deepen your Oidatherapy worked if you have not already. Many people from different parts of the world enjoyed the proposal made at the meeting in Korea, for example, representatives of the Keros Culture of Peru were very excited about it.

So, I continued offering our humble contribution to all those wishing to find the road to a world living in peace, inviting people to take care of Mother Earth, the way that the Global Conscious Pact proposed by the meetings of Naturagentes of Ikwashendwna. I wish to invite each of you to become a peace activist, preaching to all who cross your path on the importance of caring for Mother Earth.

Dear children, we must remember this every day we open our eyes and we are able to thank the Lord Krishna who generously gives us. Personally I think that any effort to improve the situation of the planet should not be ignored. We offer our service to all those who defend Mother Earth.

All material on Oidatherapy is available online for download. You can access it at: and to dive deeper into the topic you can contact the development team at the following email:

Jay Srila Prabhupada!
Your always well wisher

B. A. Paramadvaiti Swami

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