Vrindavan, where everything is sweet. Argentina. 8/31/2014

My dear devotees.
All my love from the home of Gauranga Radha Madan Mohan in Argentina

Today I was meditating on how we go about correcting our lives to qualify us as servants of the Supreme Sweetness.

That is not just any sweetness, it is the sweetness of Vrindavan, where everything is sweet:
The dance is sweet, the offerings are sweet, friendships are sweet, commitments are sweet, everything that Sri Krishna does is sweet. Those who are eager to to have a human life worthwhile, you just have to connect to that sweetness. The sweetness of the spirit world will help us overcome the bitterness of the experience of the selfish world. That's really something that can be easily perceived when we come in contact with the Holy Name.

This sweetness of which I speak is not an exaggeration, so when someone gets the darshan of the Lord in deity form one realizes and perceives the sweetness that He emanates.Radha and Krishna, Gaura Nitai, Giriraj, all emanate sweetness. There has never been a deity with a sad face. They encourage sweetness and love. That is the essence that allows us to remember and understand what the human life is worth. Because human life is potentially sweet. Human life becomes sweet when your ideal matches the primary purpose of your life. Meaning, when all the beautiful things you have are offered to Sri Krishna. There are many people who have great beauty, but because they are envious of God, they just want to enjoy them and believe themselves to be equal to the status of  Radha, Krishna ...they only seek to be the center.

Thus, in the material world all seek to be respected and appreciated. Either way people seek that: they study at major universities to be respected, do political campaigns to have more respect, they run after money to be respected, they go to the hairdresser to be respected, they get tattoos or piercings to be respected and well ... the most outrageous things. Some even degrade themselves to be respected. Why are we so eager to have respect? Because that is the prelude to attachment and attachment is the prelude to love. In short, everything we theatrically do everything is because we are looking for someone to love us and tell us that he loves us. That is a big mistake that leads to bitterness, thinking that I have to have something special to be loved. Why? For all the expectations that are not answered we become fully bitter.

The life of the devotee, however, is quite sweet because they are not looking for something so that others appreciate him, they only long to serve. Recognition requires a great effort that is mainly based on competition. Competing for who gets the applause, who is the most prominent, the cutest, the most this or that. It's like the children's story of Snow White, the witch asks the mirror "mirror, mirror on the wall, who in the world is the fairest of all" and the mirror tells her that there is someone more beautiful than her, so she intently tries to eliminate her. To be the most recognized. Sure, everyone thinks of that example and laughs or thinks it is exaggerated, but in the end they end up doing the same and competing in one form or another for recognition. So because of this they go to the hairdresser, for that purpose do they dress up, etc, etc. And relationships with others become false and are based only on recognition.

You think that your friends are the ones who appreciate you all the time. But that is another deception. The material world is a world of deception. Imagine, to dress as someone special you must pay more money. To be fashionable one must compete with others. To stand out as having the best glasses also one pay more money. It is absurd. There are people who pay thousands of dollars for a dress that they will use only once a night. Things like this are absurd. Man goes crazy looking for a false sweetness. That is not real, but it is more than a waste and a crime. Imagine, spending more money than you need and have a high standard of living is an outrageous crime. But nobody understands that when competition comes with the intention of being the most "different", the most "wasteful", the most "special", the  most "drunk", etc. They are absolutely absurd competitions offered by the absurd material world. How can we discuss simple living and high thinking when people are actually looking to be the craziest of the crazy. They do not seek to be the wisest, but the craziest.

We all long for love and sweetness. Without love we can not live without sweetness we can not survive. We are addicted to this sweetness and are thirsty for it. But where do you get it? Well, it is found in the consciousness of Vrindavan. Well Vrindavan is a state of consciousness. It's not something you can buy, not something physically definable. It's not something we can monopolize and market. Vrindavan is the land of love and love is something that is earned spontaneously.

I will give an example: A human being loves another human being, and they form a family together, but if one of them begins to notice a third person then that causes an offending nature to the concept of being a couple, for when a couple decide to be together they are promising to be mutual faithful. That desire is a great deficiency because its a desire out of wanting ... because despite the person promising I will care for you what actually is there is that the person wants is  "love for himself"; "I want you to want me", "I love you so you can take care of me "," I love you so you can cook for me "," I love you so you can do everything I want, "etc. That attitude is not love, it's more so exploitation.

Wanting another for convenience. That happens a lot nowadays, it is very common and it is the product of illusion, thinking that they are going to find the sweetness. The sweetness if it exists, my dear, in Krishna all sweetness can be found. Because He is so beautiful and so sweet that when we love Krishna we can love everyone else. It is a complete, genuine and pure love. The only thing that does not come into this love is sexual exploitation.

Love for all is asexual, of course, it can be physical in the sense that one does sacrifices for others, shows affection to others, etc., but not a sexual love as understood in the material world. Because we love Krishna with His sweetness and that completely fills the heart. Krishna is the Infinite Charmer and keeps us enchanted for Him. That is truth and if we are delighted by the things of this world, how can we not be charmed by the source that caused all these lovely things? Sweetness and love, that is what we should always long for.

For me it is very important that each of you feel happy and is doing a service that makes you happy and that connects with the sweetness. I can only say that the support of each of you has always been and will be the nicest thing I have received. I pray that you are happy. Sure, there are always things that change, so we must learn to dance to the beat of life, always seeking refuge in the sweetness of the Lord of the heart.

This is the message I wanted to share with you today. Thanks for helping and joining me in this attempt to serve the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada.

Your always well wisher,
B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami

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