What is the purpose of our life? We so often forget ... From Bolivia. 09/14/2014


My dear devotees of the soul 
Greetings from Bolivia, 

There is something essential that we ask in difficult times, but then easily forget: What is the purpose of our life? We so often forget that instead of striving to fulfill our ideals, we end up making great efforts to please what others tell us: 

The wishes of our parents, the instructions of the government, sellers who try to convince us of their products, etc, etc, etc. All have different concepts. The world of consumption and material selfishness makes us believe that the purpose of life is to have more and more things, competing with others to be "winners" and feeling discouraged and frustrated when an impediment to get what we we want arises. Or worse, we feel envious when we see that someone else has more facilities or simply gets things. Or that they got to be born into a wealthy family while you, with your multiple desires, do not know how to satisfy them. But do not be fooled, even one who has many material things and that seems to be in a nice position, is not completely satisfied. Why? Because the real satisfaction is never found in the material sense gratification. 

In this life we must understand that material goods are just tests, they are not the essence. Rather they come to test us. The real purpose of life is to connect with God in different ways: through beautiful works that embellish our existence. Works created by thought, words and actions. Divine works. Works offered at the Lotus Feet of the Lord that will help the heart to grow. 

We are completely dependent on the mercy of God to be able to discern and identify what is positive and negative for our lives. You only need to always remember this dependence and pray for the Lord's mercy and become determined to make the best effort to become an instrument of Him and His devotees. Pray for all the people who surround your life so that they may be benefited by my realizations, my efforts and my intent. Well, since I like being creative, I should put forth the most effort I have to help others in one way or another whether it is through my art, my work, through my family, as a monk, etc. 

The most beautiful thing in life is to fulfill the essential duties of a human being. What does that mean? Bringing happiness to all those around you. But this happiness is not just any happiness; it has everything to do with the purpose of life which is self-realization. This  human life is a gift, not something cheap. Many people can take life, not knowing what that means ... but only a person can give life and that is God. 

God is always very close to each of us, watching and supporting the different choices we make. He loves us completely and manifests Himself in different ways so that we can perceive Him. One of the ways in which He manifests is through Mother Nature. 

Do not forget that whatever we do to Mother Nature it's as if we were treating our own mother the same way. Life can end at any time and our stay on the planet can also expire at any time, therefore we must be very careful with what we do ... because at the end of life everything that we have done will be accounted for. Thus all the reactions for all the good and bad that we've done will come. 

Now, if you have not done things that are an accumulation of goodness, that are constructive and beautiful, that will undoubtedly bring lamentable states. It's real. And in life we must be realistic. You have to be able to implement the large wisdom that enriched the souls of the past. 

In the world of action and reaction we must not think that life just passes by as if nothing happens, then we and later we will automatically be successful. We must strive to raise our consciousness. We must take matters into our responsibilities and to develop and better ourselves. Always listening to our inner voice. One detail is that the inner voice often conflicts with the voice of the mind. The inner voice always suggests we do things the right way, while the voice of the mind always calls us to enjoy things but deceitfully. So you always have to stay alert. You reap what you sow. Your actions planting your next states. Now, what if I have made ​​mistakes or I have strayed from the purpose of life? 

The answer is mercy. Begging again and again to the Divine Mercy with deep regret. Only the repentant person can make a change. We can even compensate for all those who gave suffering to in the past. And if we can not compensate for any living entity that we have harmed, then turn into an activist against violence, a sankirtaneer carrying the message of protection to every corner. That's my advice, my dear, to become activists at all levels. That's the way to vindicate all the damage we have done. Deeply praying always for more and more mercy. 

This concludes my message for today. 
A big hug for all of you 

Your always well wisher, 

B. A. Paramadvaiti Swami

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