Avoid misunderstanding 11/09/2014 Vrindavan India

Dear devotees
Receive all my affection from Vrindavan,
Today we are traveling to Rajesthan with a large group of devotees to visit the sacred temples there.

As you know, sometimes there is a lot of interpretation. Sometimes you interpret correctly and sometimes not. These are all things of Maya. Sometimes its Yoga Maya, sometimes Maha Maya. Maya is involved in all aspects because she is very powerful and she is established in all spheres.

For all the devotees of the Vrinda Family, today I would like to share a very important message. I just try to do and follow what is clear to me. Anyway, I have my own fight to keep. Today I want to clarify that the people who work with me and are my representatives, have exaggerated amount of trust with me, but sometimes we have different opinions on different topics. I'm known to usually repeat a phrase, and that is "all devotees who have more than 5 years in Krishna consciousness should be involved to the maximum degree to make decisions and become a responsible leader with me" I've said this many times. And many of the devotees who are with me now have more than 5 years and have taken those responsibilities.

So I am interested in how we associate for the cause. Partnering also means making choices. And the fact that we make different decisions does not mean it's offensive. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Everyone is entitled to exercise his natural intellect. Of course, submission is necessary for a community to function. There is need for someone to have the last word. For that there are directors, these are functions that can change.

So with the different functions. In fact, sometimes there are different interpretations on the same point. For example, yesterday I was talking about our relationship with the indigenous peoples and I also said that Swami Maharaj had stressed to me that some devotees say that my classes have changed a lot in this time. I gave this as an example, I even use the word "critical" and said "even Swami Maharaja criticized me ..." but I meant it as constructive criticism. Because everyone is entitled to constructive criticism. That's just one example of an observer who is showing things that are happening. Because it is so, in recent years a transformation has been going on and, for me, it has been a positive transformation. Because, for example, the gains with the South America communities that are not purely Vaishnava, have been very positive for preaching.

So we accepted the friendship with the indigenous communities just for the sake of preaching. The same has happened in relation to the many followers of impersonalism within India. I can be criticized for it, because, for example, at the Kumbha Mela I was linked to the great Impersonalist yogis and leaders to beg them for support to protect the Yamuna and Vrindavan. Same with many politicians from India, visiting their offices in Delhi and banging on their doors so they can bring attention to Vrindavan

Thus, in the Kumbha Mela  we were with Gurudeva Atulananda from camp to camp for the purpose of bringing the dignity of Srila Prabhupada with our tilak and our devotional clothes to ask for attention for Vrindavan. Sure, it takes relating with all of them to make a connection. Philosophically we have nothing in common, but they are the ones who can help keep the Yamuna clean and Vrindavan is protected.

Sometimes I do things that I take full responsibility of. Of course, if I were in an institution, they would not accept a lot of it, as happened to some of my spiritual brothers who have to comply with the rules of an institution and are hampered in their preaching. What I want to clarify with all of this, is that everyone can comment on things that they do not seem to agree with. I work well with my leaders, because I want my leaders to be complete. That is why a few years ago I told my leaders that all those (especially sannyasis) who want to expand the mission can do so. So some sannyasis can give initiation to others in my name and then for second initiations to connect the new devotees with me.

Of course, that means that leaders must also open new projects. These are transitions. For you are all siksa gurus in your fields. And the importance of the siksa guru is the same as the diksa guru. There is no difference in it. This is something I've preached since we have known each other, it is not a new topic. For example, due to the dynamics of the group in Argentina, Giri Maharaj suggested to me to start some new projects where they wanted to try veganism as a means of protection to the cows. I accept the wonderful proposal of Giri Maharaj, bothe he and Padmanabha Maharaj are people of great integrity. Only  some devotees interpreted it badly, but that was not the case.

I give everyone the right to evaluate the situation of the Mission and transmit it. As always in Kali Yuga there are misunderstandings. We are servants of Srila Prabhupada. So we pray: O my Lord, let me be an instrument of Your love. You are siksa gurus, meaning the sannyasis who have been here for many years supporting the mission. For example, Giri Maharaja, I gave him permission to be ritvik acarya in my name, because I'm not in Argentina very often and sometimes there are devotees who need to be initiated and they have to wait. Of course, some of you may also be ritvik acaryas, not just Giri Maharaj, but you have to become fully reliable to do so. It is not just a political position. It is not a position that someone gains only by diplomatic attitudes. I detest diplomacy.

I wanted to clarify this for all devotees of the Vrinda family. I mentioned Swami Maharaj and Giri Maharaj, but I could name other devotees. A sannyasi is a lieutenant of the Spiritual Master.... For me, Colombia is a very dear project, because the devotees of Colombia were the ones who encouraged me to take the position as a spiritual guide. So when Swami Maharaj began preaching in Colombia and winning the hearts of the devotees, it gave me great joy.

We all make mistakes unintentionally. But we continue ahead. In life sometimes there are misunderstandings, so it is always good to clarify things. I wanted to share this with you today. Honestly, for me the protection of nature is sacred. And the protection of all the rivers and waters of the world is sacred and they must be protected. I get excited a little in this sense and perhaps I over do it, but ... What do I do? If at any time I have put someone in trouble, I ask you to forgive me. It is not my intention to embarrass anyone.

A siksa guru has a very clear mission, that he can take it to the heart as he wants. If a person receives the blessing of further expanding new areas of preaching which is projected as the siksa guru, this would be like a branch of the same mission. Because we are all part of the same family. I'm still part of the mission of Srila Prabhupada. We are Gaudiya Sampradaya and we always will be, because we love Lord Chaitanya because we are of the Gaudiya Math, the Gaudiya Mission, ISKCON, Vishva Vaishnava Raj Sabha, the Chaitanya Saraswat Math, those are just names.

Hey I have authorized some devotees to expand the family, as I have done with Giri Maharaj and Padmanabha Maharaja so that the devotees can have more creativity, because for me creativity is very important. An artist draws from his own creativity. A musician must compose, a poet must write poetry ... well we are followers of creativity. To our Siddhanti Maharaj I  have also said that you can initiate on my behalf. That's the idea, to better serve the new and different branches that spread through the devotees. creative. This is to increase the confidence and joy. I hope you now understand this, because the siksa guru that is next to the devotee is very important, even more than the diksa guru. But of course, there is no difference between siksa guru and diksa guru. But he who is there every day to protect the devotees is very important.
Do not forget all that we have talked about today. Reflect on this. We send blessings of Sri Gauranga Radha Vraja Mohan from Vrindavan. Much affection for all of you.
Jay Srila Prabhupada!

Your always well-wisher,
Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti.

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