You have to do something to discover your relationship with God: 12/14/2014 From India

Dear devotees
Mayapur Dham ki jay
A very special hug. We continue in Mayapur by the desire of Mahaprabhu. Busy cleaning and promoting values.

These days I keep working on Oidatherapy research. I want to share various thoughts and meditations that come to me these days. I invite you to study these issues, to deepen them. I thank all the devotees who accompany me in this work. I am only an instrument of the same strength of the same faith we are studying and brings me all these revelations.

As Oidatherapy is manifested, it is very important and substantial considering the importance that modern man has given psychology within the world of science. Science based on speculation. Academic study of behaviors, such as how man reacts, that is how the supposed science of psychology arises. Natural science for them has to be a supposedly rational science, then only based it on what the eyes can see. But previously psychology studied a specific area of being, the psyche of the soul, and the soul can not be viewed. Therefore, the phenomenon of consciousness is a fiasco for science, since consciousness is remarkable for her symptoms but not her causal influence.Consciousness is there before birth of the body and consciousness remains after you have died. In other words what happens at the time of death that is imperceptible and only notable because the living body is now dead. When there is no more breath then the doctor pronounces death. Therefore, "He stopped breathing," dead! The last thing we know of the being was that he was breathing. And when he breathed, the rest was working. When there was prana, prana in the body.

So back to the topic of Oidatherapy, the importance of the soul is vital because without soul there is no life nor is there death. And something as vital as consciousness is symptomatic of a spiritual existence but has extraordinary faculties like penetrating every nerve, penetrating the whole body, growing the teeth and hair in the body and so on which really surprises me. Even when we eat food saliva moistens the food and transforms it to liquids. The stomach is full of liquid but when it comes to teeth its hard. Our body has the power to produce such hard things like teeth and bones and other liquids. It's a pretty complex thing to achieve. When one is alive, he is able to transform matter into various forms as it were seemingly without limits.

This powerful consciousness that dwells in the living body is what is studied as psychology or as mental well-being and intellectual welfare of consciousness because in the mental or intellectual produces what is called the state of consciousness. Well-being, upset, depressed, irritated, exhausted, euphoric, anything that produces consciousness, which can be from the greatest joy, elation to even suicidal can quickly switch. From one extreme to the other, from high to low, and low to high. In other words it is a phenomenon of great impact and importance.

In this sense the Oidatherapy brings one back to God, eternity, responsibility and spirituality itself  from the subject of well-being. Because when we speak of faith, we speak of faith in that which causes the confluence of all beings and all atoms in all areas such as under a cosmic direction. And where one is not independent, because when one actually plays a role as a father or mother, there is a function to produce a son, and although that is not written anywhere the mother knows when she has a baby is in the belly. And now that will come with a package of duties for her starting with feeding a newborn. In other words there is a law, a universal order, to which we are all subjected to. Just as one can not say I will live without eating. Or he will not relieve himself, or not go to the bathroom because he does not like baths, only to expel through the pores what he wishes not to have in the body. You know even sweating one expels things. Just as when one has a fever, you sweat and sweat a lot.

This phenomenon is very interesting and Western psychology that primarily focuses on the temporal welfare, ignores this universal order, and when they do factor in thus universal order they do not take into account the spirituality of the being and then they want to reduce psychology to mechanisms that clearly treats natural phenomenon like observable material.

The cold, heat, poor treatment, good treatment and many other things that psychology is realizing are not sufficient, but in terms of pronouncing the acceptance and healing impact of spirituality and except for some currents trans-personal psychology, they ignore this issue, this healing force of consciousness within spirituality. And how trans-personal psychology in a hidden form says it is something beyond the individual, but that is often interpreted as something beyond the individuality of the person and individuality is precisely what makes a being whoever he/she is.

So we should not confuse trans-personality with the fact that at some point when we have to leave this body you stop being. That we have to recognize as something very important. " Because I can not see the soul, I could have the speculation that when I die, this body, this consciousness, this soul merges with a cosmic state beyond what I can observe.And there in that moment I lose my personality as oppose to when I had a single body." But that is only a hypothesis, because individuality goes far beyond the physical body. It is a consciousness of a jiva, as they say in India, when a soul that supports and maintains a soul under all circumstances... even his individuality reaches to have a personal relationship with the supreme destination, the whole worldview, cosmology, and with God, who is behind it all.

In other words, it is like a parent who has a large family and does not have much time for each child like a father who has only a son. God who has many children apparently has no personal attention to give each one, and this somehow makes some take a position that they even some doubt His existence. While others perceive His guidance from within their heart and feel sheltered, sheltered in many ways, by their own experience they feel an internal guide, for in reality the relationship one has with God and the time God has for one depends mainly on the time you have for God.

Faith enters there and that faith comes as a healer. How much time do you have for God? Only if you have faith in God you will have time for God. I have time for my film, I have time for my muscles. I have time for my intellect in studying. I have time for all things. I have time for my house. I have time for my dog. I have time to polish my car. I have time for my garden. I have time for political parties, but how much time for God? Because if you want to know the infinite you have to devote yourself to the infinite. In the same way that if you want to know the temporary you have to devote yourself to the temporal. Everything you do not care for you will lose. If you want to be an honest student of universal love (brahmacari) you must devote time to study and practice life with sincerity and purity, 24 hours a day. If you have a wife and children then dedicate yourself to your wife and children but do not run away.

So it is not that God has failed us but we more often have failed God. And spirituality and Oidatherapy is what encourages us to restore this, restore this gap in our lives where we have not taken into account the eternal reality, eternal existence, from where this eternal individuality comes from. And so our individuality and our relationship with spirituality and God are essential.

If you want to stop having personal individuality you can not have devotion to anyone. It is as if a child tells his mom he wants to return to the womb because he does not like this world, and then says, I hate the world because I hate my mom. It's a manner of ungratefulness. I hate the world, I do not like consciousness, I do not like the creation of my father, of what God has done for me so that I can do something with it or be part of this creation under His divine plan.

There is another issue that modern psychology does not consider about the absolute truth and that is the divine plan out there for each of us. A divine plan that can extend to the mission of each one of you. How does this sound, my mission? How do a person feel when he does not know his own mission? He feels misplaced because the mission makes one's life important. It is like a mother who does not have her child and ends up feeling totally helpless because her mission is to care for her child and if her child disappears for a moment the mother is then devastated.

Therefore mission in  each one's life, or missions, there is a mission in relation to God, and this mission in relation to God is the mission that is established in our healthy consciousness, in equanimity with the willingness to serve and to be part of the solution. Because there are always situations that require solutions and these solutions are the challenges where one has to overcome his selfishness. For instance, where one needs to overcome their laziness, or where you have to overcome indifference to the welfare of others. Therefore Oidatherapy is what really focuses on relational importance. Failure to have good relations is the failure that causes a lack of inner satisfaction, and the lack of inner satisfaction puts us in a state of imbalance from where the famous saying "I don't know what to do" comes from. Perhaps you have heard this expression before. If you do not know what to do, you're in a problem.

Spirituality says that there is much to do, you have an entire mission to develop your love for God and a simple translation of this is through philanthropy, where I have to devote myself to the welfare of others because there is much unrest in the world, so much imbalance; therefore one must take action and create a better environment. And while that's not bad and it may be, the essence is that you have to do something to discover your relationship with God. What is it? You are (and there is only one option practically) a being who must love and be submissive, ultimately fear God. For a little fear of God is better than ignoring Him, and so there is an identification on the relationship with the infinite where it says: better one get cracking because one is afraid than to not get cracking and things become worse.

The second way in which one begins to give importance to spirituality is because one feels a profound duty and one embraces this duty with great joy, accepting that: I will devote myself to it because this is something beautiful to me.

The third level of approach to spirituality is with deep sincerity  because one feels attached to it. I am happy to belong to the Infinite, of having a mission, of having in my life something great that establishes my relationship with God because by myself I have accomplished many things and still I did not get inner satisfaction; my life has no importance there.

The ultimate level of relationship with the infinite is higher and healthier. It is being completely in love with the infinite. In love with their faith on divinity. How about you're in love, so to speak, of the Lord in one of His manifestations which are: Mother Nature, the omnipotent cosmic concept, omniscient divinity, the inner guide, and fourth the visible manifestation of the Lord in this world in its various mystical traditions where they have recognized that God appeared there.

One knows this, one has heard of this, one loves this, one celebrates this, one feels captivated by it, one feels so much joy that they want to share it with others and from there arises for example what is called the trend of missionary, because if you have a mission for mission in life has to do with people because I'm not living alone on the planet.

So if I have a mission for my life then it can be very easy for this mission to give a chance to others to discover their mission within my mission. Actually it's called a family. Family and mission are inseparable. It is the mission of each parents that their children are well educated, have a good future, that they have everything they need to be complete in their commitments and well being. In other words the mere fact of having been born, my parents have a mission, they have to teach us things like language, customs, have to teach me about their faith, and they have to show us good recommendations for everything in life.

In other words the process of educating children is the mission where the content of this spiritual mission has a great importance. Rather, it is of utmost importance because a person who has a good economic condition in this world is not acquitted from the anxiety to love and discover their relationship with the infinite absolute. You can tell when people are so immersed or absorbed in the material because they are those who suffer most out of their dissatisfaction at this level which can really fill their heart. To share your life with others, this sharing, can easily be called the sum substance of a conscious being. Listen, think, speak. These three are inseparable. What can you think of when there is nothing to listen to? What are you going to speak if you never hear anything. In other words they are all interdependent. Although to speak is a purely physical need of the tongue, the sound you hear is no longer gross, and what you speak is no longer gross.

The sound and consciousness level is tied to what you hear and what you speak, this is to say the level of faith based on priorities. At one point I see that you're hungry, therefore my message to you is food. But if I see that you have anxiety and sadness, the priority mission I have is to help you is not to get you food but spiritual food. But our modern society sees no spiritual food, and for not providing spiritual food people are so attached that even if they have millions of dollars they still contemplate suicide... And that is why we compare, we share, ask each other 'what do you know? What have you heard? What have you found? Do you want to share with me please?!' And if we see an exemplary spiritual person doing wonderful things, we can approach him or her very submissively and inquire ... can you enlighten me? I am immersed in ignorance of not knowing what to do, not knowing where to direct my energy, my love, my all,  can you enlighten me about it because I see that you have such a wonderful life, so focused, happy, compassionate life, and so controlled, please share it with me and perhaps that can manifest in me something equally important, so I could heal my uncertainty and the sadness of my existence.

Aimlessness. Because everyone wants to find the course of his life. As always you walk in circles, taking two steps forward and three steps back, then that itself is very tiring for consciousness; when one passes by the same landscape but wants to reach another destination it seems that something is going wrong just like when traveling and you keep looking for something but always see the same thing because you cannot find the place.

So an aimless life is naturally diseased and we need the instruction from an illuminated fountain, from a spiritual source to strive toward finding a direction in life, heading towards the cause of our existence, the purpose of our existence, and find that marvel which has created something so wonderful, to find something even more wonderful. That's the positive, constructive faith, the world is wonderful, its creator has to be incredibly wonderful, creation is incredibly wonderful with wonderful options do indescribably wonderful mechanisms for  the obvious purpose to do something wonderful too. And when you walk in this faith one is already strong in what is called Oidatherapy, therapy of faith. Thereafter your experiences will come according to your effort, your practice, your honesty, your search, your prayers, your meditations, or the amount of precious time that you spend on God, because every second is a precious gift because no second can ever be repeated. Every second however is the sum, the sum, the sum experience of the maximum degree of transcendental conclusions  that you have been able to perceive.

That is why they say live now and not in the future because the future will always be another now. So that is why people believe that the now of tomorrow will change the now of this moment, but now is now. Now you love, now you give yourself, now you say yes, now you say I'm yours Lord,  and all of this is what you conclude strongly now. And if you say now you have to also live now. Spiritual life is always now.
So I invite you today for a conference before the Mangala arati which is unusual but because it is to celebrate one of these "nows" and to share one of the observations that I have had; that Krishna is preparing this package that are speaking of now in such a subtle way  and spreading it everywhere. And therefore we humbly offer Oidatherapy for all mankind to take this opportunity to embrace spirituality with fervor. And this spirituality also includes to look after the temporal things of life because in the concept of now we also should care of the temporal since that's now a part of the job that has been placed before us.

While I live, I care for this body. When dead no one cares for it, we bury it or burn it. That is an obvious example of the importance of the temporal. But now continues after death. That is why spiritual messages exist to saturated us with confirmations of the divine presence.

Jay dear devotees
Always happy to take your questions. On this issue and about the books you are studying. A big hug of spiritual love from Sri Mayapur Dham

Srila Prabhupada ki jay,

Your always well-wisher,

Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti.

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