Always remember to surrender unconditionally. 02/08/2015

Good morning dear devotees, receive my greetings from Mexico Yatra. This morning I received a called and was notified that one of my daughters went into coma, and though I feel badly about it as a parent, I'm fine because I am with my Lord, if I surrender to my Lord everything is fine, because if I'm thinking of You my Lord still if I have to die all is fantastic.

It is not that I like to talk about it but the mother in the hospital may die today or perhaps dies later, you do not know, they say she contracted a bacteria. So even if I feel good or bad I'm with my Lord, there is no problem. And when death comes people leave with nothing, nobody takes anything. Krishna gives and Krishna takes what He wants, for example here in Mexico He has not given us a farm even though for many years we have been asking for it. But only Krishna knows why this is so, because even though there are transcendental properties they are not necessarily within the dynamism of surrender.

Surrender implies thinking what does my Lord want me to do, without conditions, a surrendered devotee says; "You're my Lord unconditionally Senior," and do not tie oneself  to some condition or another, some say no I do not do this because it's cold, or because it is very hot. Imagine how the devotees of the Cabos, here in Mexico, they had to endure a hurricane over their head.

And these devotees even despite the calamity, and after the hurricane passed, they managed to distribute prasadam to the victims. Therefore we must surrender, one does not know what calamities lay ahead, so Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur said that he who does not want any kind of enjoyment, that devotee's association I want to have. Therefore we have to surrender without conditions, and I suggest that you make Him your guide in life, this Supreme Lord and are always happy to serve Him. With these words we end the chat today, as we have initiations and weddings today. Always remember to surrender unconditionally.

Your always well-wisher,
B. A. Paramadvaiti.Swami

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