The Sankirtaneer 2/15/2015

Dear devotees,

In our SEVA meeting, Editorial Vaishnava Acharyas Service, I announced that  2015 our mission is the traditional mission of distributing literature and other spiritual messages published by SEVA and that myself could be a sankirtaneer promoting these materials. This begins now that we are in 2015.

The sankirtaneer is the heart of the movement of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, because he is situated at the lotus feet of Nityananda Gauranga, who are dancing around the world with Their harinam sankirtan which is the rasa lila of this era. And at the tip of the Lord's lotus feet is the sankirtaneer because when he is dancing, he is touching a person with the message of love, that's the point of GourNitai's dancing, that it touches people, where the souls are called to hear and become impressed with the message of Krishna, who is in their own heart.

The call of sankirtan devotee is to wake you up, so that with your human intelligence you see that you are not this material body but are an eternal spirit soul and have a mission full of love.

Similarly, the sankirtaneer also has a mission full of love and what is it? To distribute all the books and materials of seva. The sankirtaneer tells the person: My mission in this moment is to leave you well armed so you can defend yourself, because you are disarmed in the world of kali, you're lacking, which is a dangerous situation. So I bring you the Bhagavad Gita, Sri Isopanisad, we also have Andean music and varied musical styles.

Another important material is the DVD of organic ecological farms, as well as the Annual Vraja Mandal Parikram, this is a project in India from the Vrinda family, where we visit sacred sites and we help to clean beautiful places like Yamuna Kunja, Vamsi Kunja, Vrinda Kunja, while we sing, dance and are grateful for everything that comes into our life.

The sankirtaneer is armed, equipped and informed, and has all medicines in his arsenal, or at least has the catalog to take orders and save the contacts he makes. In actuality, the sankirtaneer can not carry all the materials, but he can have the list of all materials that Seva carries and knows each material.

Seva is dedicated to equipping devotees. No seva product was created with a commercial vision of selling something that people would like, and neither have we put naked women so that people look, no seva product has this content and end. We deliver the message of love, God's message of Truth.

 The gift that the sankirtaneer has is paramount, and I want all of you to be equipped sankirtaneers. This is for all. No matter what you dedicate yourself to, the sankirtan is not just for brahmacaris who are dedicated to this all the time, the sankirtan is for everyone. We are sankirtaneers first. Any devotee can equip him(her)self and become a sankirtaneer that distribute what Prabhupada has given us. We have all these materials to establish our sincere, loving relationship with others, sankirtan is love in action.

The sankirtan mission is the most humble, the most tender, where the devotee only wants to reach the hearts of people. This is important when it is understood that  devotees are brothers who are raising a familiar relationship in this world, with the heart message that we are children of Mother Earth, and that we are children of God and we have a relationship of love with Him.

I have done many things, I have worked and tried to have as much material as possible, so that even the most timid devotee of the world, can have a connection with preaching. Therefore we meditations of heart to heart, I don't think that most know that seva has this, a message that includes information on where we serve, which also allows the whole world to be happy with a Vedic mantra.

Soon we will be sharing the information to view online, but this is a sermon for the day and for all. With messages of faith, love, and protection for our Mother Earth.

We also need to distribute more Okis, we are in a campaign to change consciousness in the world. I hope you will all support me in this, with enthusiasm and hereafter that these messages are ready for sankirtan, to distribute and are in the sankirtan bags, not in the house. This becomes a habit and then we can reach more people.

Thank you very much. Lets continue the sankirtan marathon every day of our lives
B. A. Paramadvaiti Swami.

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