Meditation on S.B. 4.25.12 on 4/5/2015

Dear devotees:
Today I share with you this meditation from Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 4 ch. 25 Text 12 (

Just as the living entity tries to obtain more and more gratification, so he continues to bind himself more and more. Puranjana, the living entity, his situation is very clear. If you're eager for sexual activity, you will feel that marrying is not enough. So in your next life you will get an ape body and you have a girl in every tree. Or as a rooster calling his chickens. They say they have 50 hens. You can have self-gratification in the body of different living species. The fish dies by mouth, because what we he eats is from the water. Whatever species you are, a lusty snake, cock or a man is the same thing. It's only variety. You can get a variety of bodies life after life, but never feel satisfied. Because the longing for love that is required can not be met in material circumstances. But the Lord is Love personified. Just to look back to Him one has transcendental pleasure. Is it sensual? Yes, transcendental sensuality.

Prasadam is sensual, dancing, feeling a devotee. We are not against the senses, Krsna is Hrsikesh, He gives us the senses. Even the reproductive organ is a sacred body part to bring more of us here. Everything is perfect. We should not become confused. We are confused by lust, promiscuity, but do not become confused with the marriage. We welcome young people to have wonderful marriages. Every marriage is celebrated in Vaishnavism. Sure, with austerity. In the Asram of grhasthas, the woman is who cares for everything. The difference between bramacari ashram and grhasta ashram is that there is a woman behind this. It's like heaven and hell. With this sense and order, grhasta is heaven.

Almost every woman, when she have a house makes it look like a heavenly little place. Where do women get this from? The Visnu Priya Ashrams are in the middle. What we are learning here is that we can never be satisfied . Vrindavan is the Divine Family, it is not a mess of bramacharis, it is the place of divine pleasure of the gopis and gopas. And that's what Krishna likes; He loves clean rivers, jumping into rivers from the trees, He also likes flowers and fruits, jewelry and stones, and Govardhan Hill, and vines, climbing the walls doing everything green. If we talk about aesthetics, Krsna is the best. There is no accumulation of unnecessary things. Everything is there for the pleasure of Krsna, it is good, it is useful, and can be accommodated. Thus, the beauty of Vrindavan is that it's a place you do not want to leave and you only  want to help make it more beautiful. And everything in the world of Krsna is organic, everything is real, real silk, real bamboo, real gold. Nothing is false. Life is a fantasy for them. Today everything is false-costume jewelry.

But this is real, this flower, the designer put a lot of patience. So we want to enjoy, but we never feel satisfaction. Nothing in this world will give us complete satisfaction. Sometimes humans are very extreme with their commitments. For example, it is common for people with lots of money to have personal protective armor. It's not uncommon. As a man gets a lot of money, he starts buying weapons to protect his wealth. What is the purpose of the weapons if you do not use them? So you need your own army. Starting with a band of people in the neighborhood who end up being real criminals. There is no comfort here, but the temple of Krsna is wonderful.

Srila Prabhupada Ki Jay!

Your always well wisher,
B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami

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