Be attached and engaged to the principle of love. May 10, 2015 from Germany

My dear devotees. 
I prayed to the Lord of great love, the incomparable, the one who in this world allows us to know something about Him through His ambassadors of love. To them I offer my obeisance and thank you for allowing me to speak about them and these sacred subjects that bring you strength and power.

The path of love is the path from Vrindavan, the land of love. The place where there is nothing more important than being united to the Supreme to engage in His service. No matter where you are, or what the circumstances in which one finds oneself, poor health or surrounded by the beauty of nature. Even in moments of despair caused by the difficult material circumstances, we can always turn to Him, we can always open our hearts to Him so that it becomes satisfied and we become closer to Him. For Him we can make music and dance, since He comes from that world in which every word is a song of love and every movement a dance, to express our enthusiasm how appreciative we are for what we have received and how much we would like to convey this to all who are giving us the opportunity to do so. Vrindavan Vilasini, the highest sound from the high goddess of love, who gives Herself to Krishna every second and moment with complete disposition, leading all souls in this world who are suffering because of their eager desires, who with their materialistic inclinations can never be satisfied.

Oh What a blessing this sacred mother! The original cause of love, the most complete compliment of the Supreme who by His side represents and teaches the principle of love. And because we have emerged from Them, for us there is no greater desire to also be attached to this principle of love and engage in this principle of love for all that happens around us can receive the full blessing of the holy mercy.

The longing to share this with those who are filled with wishes and who simply do not know in what way they should direct their longing. What can I do so that they too can learn something about God's love? I pray
                                                            Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
                                                            Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
                                                            Hare Rama Hare Rama
                                                            Rama Rama Hare Hare.

Supreme Lord, please let me be an instrument of Your love. Supreme Lord, grant me this, the greatest desire of my heart, to stay connected to You through my words and desire, my way of acting, through everything related with myself and others please take me to You, for only by Your side is there the shelter where my heart really is home.

Where does one find oneself at home? In the place of which one no longer has to leave. Where one is present and can be occupied in such a way that the realization of all our greatest skills within our heart is included, where the expression of what is creatively in our hearts is manifested. This gratitude, this joy in communication, this kindness to all other living entities, which logically originates from You, the Supreme of all loving. But in your love, you gave us all free will so that we could also decide to live and give this love. This is the gift, and anyone who represents this gift no matter which language or transcendental mystical tradition, that's quite secondary. The important thing here is to develop this desire and be ready at all times to correct what you still need to correct , which is an obstacle to understand You, reach You, love You, and to convey to others about You.

You, the Divine Couple, the divine Radharani, the divine Krishna, together performed the pastimes of Vrindavan with all Their happiness and all Their desires, which are satisfied to be with his devotees. Yes, I want to go there. That is my desire and in my life this I desire to bring You wherever I am. For how much longer will it take to get there and share in pastimes with You? But be as it has to be, as You desire, please let me be an instrument of Your love. This is the only hope of my life that matters. All the love I have received from my parents, friends, brothers, spiritual brothers, farmers, mother nature, from the elements. All pleasant moments of our existence, were all gifts from You. Everything You have planned to the smallest detail so that it may happen as it has been. And that is why I am so confident that everything will happen as You wish, even if they are gaps of separation that affect us deeply.

Separation is an opportunity to be united to God in a higher and intense manner, because He is the one that awaits us,  He gives us the gift of life, He gives us the ability to love and without falling in love with Him, all our other cases of infatuation are not satisfactory, because they are temporary, and everything moves in different directions, but the fact is that our heart is always yearning for the center, the place where we all can find one another, the place in which we are engaged together with the goal to please Your desires and we help each other, we protect, encourage each other, give each other encouragement, just as those do who have love for everyone.

My dear mother, I long to give this message to Your heart so I'll tell you through this recording. Please accept it and call to  the Supreme Lord of love so that He always keeps us in His arms for it is there where our souls belong.

Jay Srila Prabhupada, my love to all mothers of the world.
Your always well wisher,
B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami

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