Duality must be tolerated and accepted. From Bogota. 05/31/2015

My dear devotees:

Being against time is always a little heavy, but life is always against the clock, we have only one chance, that is to run forward in this world, samsara; Every moment counts every minute, every thought, every word counts. Sometimes we think that the fleeting pleasure of the moment is the most important thing when in fact, what is most important is the pleasure of Krishna. Krishna being pleased with all that you do is important, so sometimes you have to suffer. Somehow life is marked by suffering, of course there is also joy, but it is marked by suffering.

The first is out of the womb, it seems impossible for a child of normal size to come out of such a small opening; rather it is almost impossible to imagine how much the body of the mother opens so the child can be let out. That is just like life, it is full of pain, great pain, karmic pain necessary and unnecessary. Most pain is unnecessary, that's the funniest thing. Why does a stone drop on my foot and hurt so much? Well it is natural; but that are pains that are not so natural, such as jealousy, which makes many people suffer. Jealous people sometimes lose their hair or live very nervously.

I have the solution for jealousy, if someone is cheating you then one should say thank you, you need not waste any more time serving someone who is not worth it; you can not be with someone who does not want to be with me, I do not want to impose my presence, my life on someone who will not be with me. Is that not reasonable? Clearly, if one already has three children it is different, in which case we speak about karmically signed contracts, because when someone leave their children, guaranteed there are many births awaiting such a person. So one should be very cautious, pray often to Krishna, praying and praying to God, not to others, not to the ego and lust .

Thus one suffers in this world, and to suffer for Krishna is good, so I have no fear when I send someone to Santa Martha or Varsana and they have to go through some tapasya, I have no shame, because they are coming in contact with something complex. Duality must be tolerated and accepted; it is temporary impressions of the senses, happiness and sadness. You are happy to have hair, but how much suffering to shampoo and comb your hair: that is a whole ordeal; however if you are bald you save the shampoo, but suddenly you do not like being bald; everything has its advantage.

Therefore suffering is there and wherever. Aging could be called the worst suffering because in old age there are a few good things but your sight, hearing, sense of smell, movement, everything fails you and it hurts, everything hurts. As hard as it is you feel ecstatic if before old age you realize that this body is temporary, that you are not this body. Thus, it is better to realize it as soon as possible because this body is problematic, there is not one old body that works perfect. So this material world is a place of suffering, as Krishna says in the Bhagavad - Gita: "It's short and miserable, what are we doing here then? how did we decide to come here, what were we thinking to make us come to this material world? "Maybe we still have the idea that everything will be beautiful, everything will be wonderful; I'm going to be a beloved wife, or have and admiring husband and everything will be fine for me ...

In Krishna consciousness things are sensible and worth suffering over. One must not think that by coming to Krishna Consciousness that your present sufferings will just end; that's a lie. It makes sense to suffer for the Lord in loving service; That brings us to the Lord of Love and Suffering. To whom I want to give myself to and marry (unite with) Him, if we celebrate marriage as something glorious it is because there are two individuals who have accepted the sacrifice of suffering. All this only to benefit the children who will soon arrive. If there are no mothers and fathers who suffer for their children then we are nothing.

This is not an advertisement for "Conscious Marriage", but in fact a man and a woman who marry and foster a good family unit are much more self-sacrificing than brahmacaris; Brahmacharis go through a great amount of sacrificing but one is a brahmachari to preach and not to evade responsibility. Otherwise, he is not a brahmacari but a deserter of human duties. The brahmacari who is surrendered to his Guru has yielded an apology, a good excuse to not produce humans beings and instead they generate awareness among the people in the name of the Guru, they are caregivers to these people so they can become good devotees and preachers too
This is very important, and I always feel so appreciative to Srila Prabhupada for saving me from marriage to serve all of you, but I have to work hard just as if I had 10 kids and this is not false. Of course work is also having to read books, everything that a Brahmachari does is also work; studying to be a good preacher.

These things have a certain amount of humor or amusement. Rather said, the material world is like a German saying: - "Showing a pretty face to an ugly hole". Even if something bad might happen continue to smile. Imagine, I am a social person and I am involved with many families; I receive daily news of births, deaths, divorces, deceit and betrayal among other circumstances. And then I have to be in front of people and show a happy face and speak: - "How are you my dear friends, let create some wonderful projects, we have to move forward, we will not lower our guard, etc." Do not think it is always easy to make a pretty happy face, but that's life, so it's up to you and to me because I willingly accepted this service of being a beggar of love, a wandering pilgrim, and I can not complain about what I chose.

When I was 13 years old, I was depressed by war, read the newspapers and was about to enter into this abyss called depression, and I said: - "nothing I do is worth anything." But it was there when I had a realization, "If I can mourn for everything, why not instead I laugh about it and adopt a positive attitude in life. So I took an optimistic attitude, I took the attitude to laugh at everything, so that is why you always see me with a smile, and it is not artificial; If you look well enough the truth is that there are many nice things that make us laugh. When I see all of you, for example, I see wonderful people, even though I know many downsides of you all it does not make me think that you are not wonderful people. On the contrary, I see very beautiful people in a beautiful struggle, that we decided to struggle for, together. We can be sure of success, we will achieve something because there is no other way.

Your always well-wisher
B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami

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