The moment you separate yourself from the Absolute you take shelter of the relative. 5/24/2015. Venezuela.

My dear devotees,

Accept my affection from Venezuela,

Today I want to share with you a few words about union with the absolute sweetness; we must give our heart and soul to the absolute dominion of love. That is the level of the Absolute. The world of love is beyond desires, longings and regrets. The world of love is a very fine dimension, whereas in that domain one can join with the sweet will of the Absolute. That is the key in this whole affair, unite your soul with the sweet will of the Absolute, which is always favoring devotion and the devotees.

God has planned  the absolute welfarew for you, but you want to separate yourself from His will and obtain relative welfare and trying to turn make it absolute. God is sweet and has a sweet will and included you in that sweet will. But you must surrender to His sweet will. Surrender to the Absolute from the depths of the heart. You must understand that only by developing love for the Absolute will you obtain  an absolute well being and positively it is waiting for you and it is the very thing you're looking for.

The Absolute wants your absolute well-being, because you are absolutely part and parcel of Him, but because you possess the absolute function of free will (as you are part and parcel of the Absolute), then you should exercise your absolute power to decide. Decide whether "I want to get in touch with the Absolute, I want unite with the Absolute, I want to embrace the sweet will of the Absolute, and I do not want to use my mental faculties to separate myself from the Absolute." Because the moment  you separate yourself from the Absolute you take shelter of the relative, but relation to the Absolute only has one goal. In love, the goal is one.

That person who is immersed in the material plane and tries to change course and heads toward the absolute center, is known as a devotee. And when a conflict exists between those who insist on staying in the area of the relative and take possession of it, and those who want to go to the absolute spiritual levels then the Lord Himself descends from the center of everything and actively protects His devotees.

That is the special mercy of the Absolute towards those who have surrendered to His sweet will. And for those who are struggling to surrender to the will of the Absolute and become devotees, preaching is the essential tool to nurture spiritual life. Srila Prabhupada established the Sunday celebrations as the most traditional form of preaching in the West. In any place where devotees live there must not be one closed temple on Sundays. You can not afford that. That's a warning!  I have heard that there are churches without Sunday feast and that is serious. It was established by Srila Prabhupada himself, and that worries me. It may be that we can not require all devotees of the community to participate in the Sunday celebration, for they too can be busy organizing various festivals and programs during the week. But we need to recognize that hosting a Vaishnava gathering is a great honor and gives the highest degree of joy.

At these festivals there can be no shortage of prasadam. If there is not a lot of chefs who can do many different preparations, then there must be at least a delicious paella or kitri or upma, super sweet and lots of it, that's the minimum. Another option is that these devotees and grhasta community can cook at home and take different preparations to the temple. So you can make a variety of prasadam preparations for the festival. We just need to make meetings and all the devotees of the community (the temple and those who live outside the temple) are allowed to actively participate. Cultivate this family tradition with love and trust. They should make a list of chores and tasks to organize the party, before, during and after. It must be ensured that everything is very clean once the festival is over, in order to continue services the following morning. More festivals means more joy and more joy means more Vaishnava family, which means more work, more service, more devotion and more self-control, or less maya. It is all mathematical, a plan of salvation in loving service "The Sunday Festival of Spritual Love".

Of course, that does not mean that every night the temples can't have a mini party of preaching, where there is a class on the Bhagavad Gita, followed by kirtan and prasadam is distributed. The association of the Vaishnava means sacred instructions, kirtan and prasadam. In addition, we have many materials to introduce to people, all of them are introduced in the middle of the party. That way each guest can find the way they like to worship and serve God. That is our struggle, to spread the glories of the Supreme Absolute Lord and spread love to all souls for this movement which leads us to separate ourselves from the relative and surrender to His sweet will.

I leave you with a big hug and thank you from the heart to all those who are putting the effort to keep these beautiful Sunday festival of love going. Share this message with all the members of your community.

Jay Srila Prabhupada!

Your always well-wisher,
B.A. Paramadavaiti Swami.

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