Everyone must be given time, everyone should be given consideration. That is Krsna consciousness. 8/2/15. Montevideo

My dear devotees, mothers. A hug from Montevideo.

This morning meditation is about the importance of saints in our lives. When you are humble, you realize, how many great personalities are in your vicinity. When you are not humble you think: the saints are right there, or the saints appeared 2,000 years ago, or good, pr they were more generous 500 years ago. The lack of feeling for the presence of guardian saints makes us internally sad. When someone tells me that they are sad it is because they need a saint in their life.

And who are the saints?
The saints are those who try to make the best of themselves. Saints are not people who have never made a mistake. As the saying goes: every sinner has a future and every saint has a past. Krishna says: Even if a saint commits a serious mistake if he continues to serve he should be considered a saint (BG 9.30). Mama mia! It is hard! No, no, it's not hard, it's good, because the Lord is generous with his fallen servants. We make mistakes, but there is an error that is larger than other errors, that is: to see error where there is no error and report it, that's in the department of gossip ... mental planes.One who reports something that is not true is liable for an offense. Because:

jihva-vegam udaropastha-vegam
(Nectar of Instruction Text 1)

A sober person who can tolerate the urge to speak, the mind's demands, the actions of anger and the urges of the tongue, belly and genitals is qualified to make disciples all over the world.

Preaching is our core business. If we close our mouth, then how are we going to preach? But at the same time we must control the tongue. Therefore Srila Rupa Goswami gives us the formula for happiness. Srila Rupa Goswami gave it in the Sri Upadesamrta. He was a saint of Krishna consciousness. He knows all the difficulties that we will pass and just like Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in His Siksatakam, he will saves us if we pay attention. 

I remember another thing, we are in the world of territories. The material world is called the world of Maya. Maya means measuring. Above all we want to calculate lots, the territories: This is the measurement: O I am supervisor, you are supervised. What is the measurement between us? There are calculations everywhere not just measurements of the ground. There are measures in the bank, there are measures in privileges: Who can use the office car? Things like that. There are privileges, there are measure everywhere and where there is calculation there is Maya. So we're stuck in the world of calculation up to our heads. What do we do? We have to lose everything to realize that the measures are not really what they seem.

When you buy a home. What are the measures that need to be taken? First you have to obtain a deed. Without a deed the home is not yours because you have to be registered in the Land Registry. True? If Otherwise another person can still buy the house. When you do not register then you find yourself with a mess. Much has been sold, five times to five different people because they were not registered.
We're not sure who is registered with the Land Registry because you can only buy from someone who is registered with the Land Registry. Otherwise the sale is fictitious. I will sell you the beach in Montevideo. And how do you know its mine? Someone says, I would really like to buy it. When you go to the Land Registry they will send you to the police saying, there is a mad man who says that he owns the beach in Montevideo. All the deception began then. How can you say this? This is also called the law of conquest. Who occupies the space and has records of it is the owner. That is Maya, that's the war of the territories. And we have been trained from birth in the war of the territories. There are even areas that are private, they are the more confidential, those are the areas of the heart. You know how to enter there? That's another world. You know what it's called that world? The world of jealousy. Tremendous. Jealousy is calculative. Do not think that a measure is only one meter, a foot. No, no, no, there is another side to the measures of Maya. The measure is: i am wanted, not wanted, i am wanted, not wanted. The measure is whether I am wanted or not wanted.

A territorial example: I once was in Hungary. And a mother. Still my friend. She tells me: You and Swami only preach to young and pretty girls, you do not preach to us, you leave us alone. It was calculative. When you talk to A, when you talk to B, when you talk to C. I said to her: Lie. I do not talk much with you because you're already devoted and they are new and if they are not devotees they need more time to explain things to them. Now you think I don't care for you because you are an adult or because they are blondes? That is mundane. That is a territorial manifestation. Calculative.

Sure, everyone wants to be important and be seen. Do not worry, everyone is important because we are part of Krishna. And everyone who is part of Krishna is important. There is no one who can say: Only he or she is important. To God we are all important. That is the importance. Calculation is the beginning of all forms of deception, envy or jealousy. Or for example, there is another way that self-esteem is hurt. The education we received got teaches us that he who has not conquered land is nothing. But all territories, all actions, no matter what they are, are defeated by time.

The notary papers are useless in 500 years. A place has had many other owners in the past. No one will know who is the owner of any house. Well you know, no one owns the land. Even marriage is has measures. Well lets go to the judge and get married. Then the judge asks all the money that you make belongs to the both of you? People say: No, no, no, no. That I do not want. I want to marry, but I want to get married with my property remaining separate. That is another measure. He's taking another measure of whether the measure is favorable for him.

All measurements are estimates. And all measures are illusions that will reveal a failure in the end. That is why a devout person takes further action, and the devotee says: everything is Krishna. And what comes into my hands I will register in the name of Krishna. Because I want it for Krishna. And to register something in the name of Krishna is not easy. Go to the notary and declare: I want to donate this house to Lord Krishna. Who is Krishna? Give me the passport number. What is your warrant? And the reply will be: Oh no, he is God. Ah! Here God does can not register anything here. No one owns anything. Do you see the madness of these measures? You can not give God anything because God does not exist here legally. He is not Uruguayan, we are very sorry.

Look at India, you can legally register a property on behalf of a deity. And you can have two parents, the physical father carnal and the spiritual master. The Guru is a legal parent in India. When India I sign my name Paramadvaiti Swami son of Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. This is legal because he is my Guru. As he was my guru, I have a duty to repeat what he taught.

And if someone sees Prabhupada today and says, I want to donate a house to Prabhupada. Who do I give? Paramadvaiti Maharaj come here. You are many years with Prabhupada, I want you to offer it to Prabhupada. Done! Donate the home. Then the house is not mine. He who gives the house to Prabhupada, I have to ensure that the house will be used for Prabhupada.

When the absolute and the relative meet there are obstacles, because I have to adapt, I have to learn how to do this. How to combine it all with the relative. The absolute pure teaching is perfect, but the relative is also part of it all.

Om purnam-adah purnam-idam
Purnaat purnam-udachyate
Purnasya purnam-aadaaya
(Sri Isopanisad:Invocation)

"The Personality of Godhead is perfect and complete. And because He is completely perfect, all emanations from Him, such as this phenomenal world, are perfectly equipped as a complete whole. Whatever is produced of the complete whole is also complete by itself. And because He is the Complete Whole, even though  many complete units emanate from Him, He remains the complete balance."

Therefore harmonize between the relative and the absolute.That is what the sages, the saints, do. And who are the sages? You. You are wise. And if you are wise with little experience you have to have help. Open your view. Expand your horizon. So this is a school to become brahmanas. A school to become saints. Forget the territories, everything belongs to Krishna. And all apparent territory is lost.
I will give you another example based on the territory of marriage. Sometimes people get married and the wife thinks: You are now my husband, you depend on me, etc ... etc ... Or the husband thinks the same about the wife and it is more or less like a prison. And if the other person does not react as they want then they fight. These measures of the marriage are totally different. In fact one has to accept that Krishna has to be put in the center. Krishna is the ultimate criterion. The measures that you take in marriage, in your mind, non territorial, that are proper; If you want to know if someone is right or wrong, you have to ask the guru, you can ask the wife later. But a good marriage remains peaceful when such clashes do not occur they are given liberty, etc ... etc. But you see, usually all marriages have territorial disputes based on finances, time, land of the house, the apartment. This occurs between couples, brothers, what to say of people who do not know each other.

When a woman says to me, 'I think my husband is cheating on me. And I ask: Is it true, he is deceiving you, are you sure?  I'm sure. Do you have proof? Yes, I have proof. Then she thinks I will become angry now but my answer is: I congratulate you. Why? Because I congratulate a person who has been betrayed by her partner. What reason do I have to congratulate? It is: This territory that you thought was yours, just broke. He is not yours. And he does not respect your heart and it is better now that you realize this then when you're 88 and you realize that you were deceived a whole lifetime. Better an end with fear then a fear without end. So if something is fraudulent if something is false, better that it is disclosed soon. Congratulations. Finally you realize that the thing is not worth it. Sure, it's sad, I also cry when I hear stories like that.

Then territories, only Krishna knows who is who. All territories are His. We are students, apprentices. Krishna gives us opportunities and sees how we handle them. Here you have ten thousand dollars. Go see what you do. As the story of the prodigal son. Daddy gives money to a son, and he invests it and it increases. And the father says: good. Then he gives the same to his other son. The other son does not care, he exploits it, intoxicating himself, makes all kinds of stupidity and disappears. Where did he go? We do not know. But three years later he returns to the father: - I was the biggest fool, I missed everything that you said. The father takes him in his arms. And the other son who invested says: Father, how can you treat him this way? He needs to be whipped! And the father replies:  No, but that's my son. Teachings, wisdom.

Now I want to give you the key to happiness in Krishna consciousness. This gem is found in Sri Upadesamrita text 5. One should mentally honor the devotee who chants the holy name of Lord Krishna or who chants any other name of God. One who chants the holy name of God must be respected. Even if someone chants Pachamama. Pachamama is not God but it is the aspect of God's mercy, also respect that person. If you do not respect people who chants the holy name in one form or another, you are planting your own seed of sadness. Then one should offer humble obeisances which  means head on the floor the devotee who has undergone spiritual initiation to diksa, and is engaged in worshiping the Deity. One who worships Krishna in the manifestation of Deity: my obeisance to you. "Hi Prabhu, dandavats, allow me to pass through." We should be very respectful and attentive. Relationships must be sweet in dealing, filled with a lot of conviction and appreciation. You can not worship Gaura Nitai without the worship of His devotee. The devotee can commit faults, he is in the process but he can give you far more valuable things for your spiritual life. And then the verse continues: And one should associate with and faithfully serve that pure devotee who is advanced in terms of devotional service, who does not deviate and whose heart is always free from the propensity to criticize others. Advanced devotees, we must serve them, listen to them.Those who waste time talking bad about one: do not bother, I have no time. So that you can be happy in Krishna consciousness there are three authorities. One is the authority which is less advanced than you. Why is he your boss? Because it is your duty to lift him with your hands. He's your boss because he tells you what to do. - Help me! - Yes, yes, and we will. Here take my hand. That's the first relationship. Help people who are less advanced than you. Second: Make an unwavering friendship with people who are also in the fight as well. Lets be realistic  we are all here to fight. Not that as soon as we close our eyes Krishna's lotus feet are there brilliantly shining. We are all in the struggle, there is no pain or sorrow to admit that we are all here fighting.

But those in the struggle for the cause of our mission in Montevideo, those who are identified, make  a good friendship with them one that is similar to super glue, no one should be put asunder. Super glue. So you have to be friends with everyone, we are all in the fight. For friendship to mature and grow more: make many friends. There are always complications, of course, but as I am a friend, I try to help when asked. And when I am asked perhaps there is nothing I can do. But if I see an advanced devotee who is serving my guru seriously, in this case I must offer my full cooperation. Not only this but: i love them, offer obeisances, haribol. What do you need? What do I do? Sunday feast arrives. I bring a preparation, I can distribute invitations, I can make the announcement, whatever you want. Everyone must be given time, everyone should be given consideration. That is Krsna consciousness.

All spiritual life problems can be solved. There is no situation that has no solution. Because the extent of Lord Krishna is that He can rescue everyone from illusion. So Prabhupada came to the world. So we have the altar. So we have Gurupurnima to celebrate. I hope Gurupurnima sheds some light upon you, that it gives you clarity and joy. Because we will keep fighting as it is. Because I also come to fight for Uruguay and for its devotees. The holy messengers are going to continue because we are just beginning as they say. You do not know, that joy I get when I see happy devotees in a temple. For example here, a few years ago there were only four or five of us forming the first team. So I am very happy to see the progress and please: Union is strength. Solidarity and love.

We can be happy because there is no territory to claim, all territories belong to Krishna. Admit it: one who does not claim territory has no territorial problems. So brahmacaris are so happy because they have nothing. When you have things, their independence, you must make your own income, fight in this world. Well of course this one will have little squaring spaces. Everything is illusion because at the time of death you cannot even take your kunti mala. But just here in the world they are calculating their things. But territory belongs to Krishna, that is wisdom. You have to learn it very well. You have to renounce the world before the world renounces you. Another thing, everything that you do not give is what you're going to lose. Do you see the wisdom that Rupa Goswami gave through writing this years ago. Lord Caitanya also said things, one of the best: Trinad api sunicena without Trinad api sunicena one can not live in a temple. Without humility you cannot fall in love with the devotees.

Jay Sri Krishna! Jay Sri Krishna!
Srila Prabhupada Ki Jay!
With affection, your ever well-wisher.
B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami

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