A Call to Protect Mother Earth 2/7/16

A Call to Protect Mother Earth

During December 2015 in the Eco-Yoga Village Varsana, near Bogotá, Colombia, leaders and

members of different indigenous communities gathered from around America, accompanied by

artists (Chaskis, messengers of love) activists, grandfathers, grandmothers, where the Kiva took

place in the temple of the Heart of Mother Earth.  Here the declaration of the United Nations of

the Spirit was made and signed.

The United Nations of the Spirit has a high ideal, it is a service we can execute in our progressive

work, it is the way we want to apply agriculture to the production of our food. It is the way how

we want to harmonize the relationship with the forests and the water bodies and with everything.

 It is the way of understanding how to relate to the sacred woman, children, elderly, grandfathers

and grandmothers and the rights of the indigenous people.

You know, the rights of nature really entail a lot of things.  It is against mega mining which will

destroy habitats and lots of species.  It is against stopping rivers from flowing to obtain electricity

which will then destroy the fish and so many things alongside the rivers. So, weather in India, or

weather in America or in Europe, it doesn’t matter, the rights of nature have to be defended

everywhere, and they have to be defended from the core of the heart and this is something I’m

inviting you to take on to your priority of your efforts.  I am actually requesting this because I

myself also am working for this because I feel this is my service to my spiritual teachers and to the

world community and to Mother Earth itself, to the entire creation.

This is something that it is my duty to do and therefore I am requesting that all of us together give

our signature, and not only to do that, but also to take everywhere those declarations of the

United Nations of the Spirit, the Rights of Nature given previously in Bolivia, as the city of Mexico

has recognized, and to defend them actively.  Practically all these declarations should be taken to

each and every politician, business man and educator.  They should be presented to them with all

the pictures of the history of how all this took place and request them to also sign it and to also

give practical support, because the rights of nature is a question of consciousness, individual

consciousness, individual commitment.

For more information about the Declaration of the United Nations of the Spirit, follow this link:



The rights of nature are not just a few laws written on a piece of paper, the rights of nature is our

appreciation of our mother as a living being, as feeling entity, who will not tolerate further decay

of the habitat and our environment due to our negligence, without being opposed by us, the

guardians of  Mother Earth.  This is the spirit that mamo Luntana also brought when he invited us

to join Ikwashenduna, to gather the hands and this is the spirit of the Raíz de la Tierra, the Kiva,

the Temple of the Heart of Mother Earth, where everybody was praying for the future of the

Earth.  It is the same sprit which is touching the heart of people around the world.  Ganga Action

Pariwar in India, is looking after all these things, this is the spirit of Dr. Vandana Shiva and

countless others.

The World Conscious Pact is just one of those organizations which stands up for protecting Mother

Earth, and that is why we have all have come together.  It is not really this banner or that banner,

Mother Earth is the banner and her rights are the ones which we are standing for, she is the

common denominator for all of us and therefore, it doesn’t matter what religion you belong to, it

doesn’t matter what your philosophy is, but what matters is that we all understand that we are

brothers and sisters and we have to live peacefully on this planet and do things responsibly

because every action has a reaction. So we are seeing the reactions of the lack of consciousness

and we cannot tolerate that anymore and we have to go against it with love, with determination

and we need your support and signature.

Please be so kind, we need not only your signature, but of everybody you know.  Have them know

these few points, it is my humble request and I am simply a server of all of you in this regard for

gaining your friendship and brotherhood and sisterhood for our great, wonderful Mother who has

been unlimited in her kindness for each and every one of her children.

We actually accomplished to be the organizers of the AVAAZ campaign.  We are joined together

the Brazilian AVAAZ campaign by Dra. Vanesha and with Mumta Ito the whole the European

Mission of the Rights of Nature, so it is something substantial.

Please use the following link to sign this petition and share it with all your contacts so this

campaign in AVAAZ can grow exponentially.



It is a love declaration, really a big love declaration, but a little bit more than a love declaration, a

love declaration with the commitment to put that love into action.  Yes my Lord and Master,

dearest Sun, Earth and Moon, dearest Lord of the Universe, we are committed to you and to your


Thank you very much for your support.

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