The qualities of a servant of humanity 7/24/16- Miami Conference

My dear devotees, 

A servant of humanity has to be a servant of the family, which is the first social unit of the world that surrounds us. This includes the father, mother, the brothers and the neighbors and to all those who are close to us. 

A servant of humanity is like a subsidiary of love, and according to the place they live in, they are going to have different tasks, for example: if you arrive to a natural sanctuary and you realize that it is full of plastic garbage your service to humanity is transformed into collecting this plastic and to find a system for recycling to thus avoid that we suffocate in it. Promoting healthy food to the people around you through organic agriculture and permaculture is another great service to humanity. To convince people to live without the influence of chemicals and without letting ourselves be carried away by the culture of consumption is another service to humanity. To teach people to heal their lives through spiritual cultivation and becoming a doctor of the soul is a service to humanity. 

The sole act of helping a small part of the universe to improve is a great service to humanity. Helping animals who suffer is a service to humanity. Become a vegetarian or vegan is entirely a service to humanity and the whole environment (it is said that each new vegetarian helps the world become a safer place). In other words, becoming an exemplary person who is faithful to their ideals is directly a service to humanity. 

The questioning and deepening in the aim of life and asking, "why are we in this world, and where should we direct ourselves", is also a service to humanity. Because human life is the great opportunity that we have to find answers to these questions. It is also a service to humanity each time one identifies a response to the essential questions of life and shares it with others, in the same way that if I have food and water it is my duty to share it with those who do not have it. In this way, knowledge about the wisdom of being, on love and on positive values such as compassion, appreciation, or etc. must always be shared. 

A service to humanity sometimes may not be recognized by others, that does not matter, because our Creator is always aware of all the efforts we make for the welfare of others. He knows everything that we think and speak and what to say of what we do. When we want to serve a plant we know that we must put water in its roots, we will not be able to cater to the plant by putting just a drop of water on each leaf, this will not give the desired result. Similarly, to serve humanity and to reach the perfection of life one must deepen in the singing of the names of the Infinite truth in the tradition closest to one's faith individually. 

This great process that is known as praise (or kirtan in Sanskrit) is the presentation of the soul before the Infinite, recognizing himself as a humble servant that requests to become an instrument of His love. This is a process that opens the channels of communication with Divinity, both upwards and inward. The connection with the Holy Names of God is the means that fills us internally to become intensely grateful to the Infinite, because any potential help that we can give to humanity does not come from us but from the Absolute that allows us to be part of His great symphony. That is why, through the singing of Holy Names I connect with the Infinite. I have more of a chance of becoming an instrument and servant of His love for humanity. 

This is what I learned from my spiritual master Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. 

With all my affection,
Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti

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