The Dham From Mayapur 4/1/12

Sri Gauranga Radha Vrajesvara, ki jay, Srila Gurudeva ki jay!
Please accept my obeisances, Srila Gurudeva is in Mayapur Sridham alongside BV Tapasvi Maharaj of Peru, who accompanied him on this trip to participate in the 88th celebration vyasapuja of Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Maharaj, within a day He will be back in Vrindavan for leave the following day to Europe, and after a month, continuing the transcendental parikram throughout South America.

Conference from Mayapur.

My dear devotees. Greetings from Mayapur Dham. Ram Navami is today and Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Maharaj's vyasapuja which is why I came to Mayapur for the festival.
Today I was with my siksa Guru Srila Bhakti siksa Bhalab Tirtha Maharaj. He is 88 years now and I didn’t want to miss his vyasapuja. Talking to him, he regretted that he cannot act youthfully and that made me think. Despite that, his ability to recall and lucidity are very large. This is a time when the Guru gives us more mercy to show us what He needs of us,that does not mean that your capacity decreases, rather He is giving us more love in a very generous form.
On the other hand, I want to tell you about what we just finished in the Office of Vrindavan, the printing of chaddar awareness, the function were invented in Vrindavan to sensitize children to the basics of spiritual life and ecological behavior. Now we did the translation of that mantle for South America and put some other ideas. This mantle is presented with the Original Kingdom, Universal Love, the concept of non-sectarian, and as human beings we have to take care of nature and our relationships. It's a mantle in the spirit of Oida Therapy. Since then it has the logos of Yoga Inbound, of Oida therapy and for this reason is functional in all directions. The same idea of ​​the monument of the union of religions that we did in Peru is there, headed with some logos of the different mystic currents accompanied with the saying:

"He who seeks God without doing damage to nature and other beings, is on the right track."

This motto is very nice, because it can show the non - sectarian nature and openness of the devotees. For the time being it works to be used in the temples, and Yoga centers, and vegetarian restaurants ... It is very educational. It also has all the Eco Yoga Villages and it is a pilgrimage around them. The idea for this came from the mantras - husks from India, but this is a new idea that has been widely accepted in Vrindavan and is being hung in many temples. We have left it more for the Oida Veda because it includes some temples of Vrindavan, but it’s still remaining very open. It is very useful for children who can learn all the positive messages that are here. It is so overloaded with ideas that one could easily give a lecture for two hours on each of the messages that appear on this platform ...
Print it on a small scale, by block, to keep it as consistent as possible. And we distribute to all schools in all temples. It is a great testimony, a great preacher of environmental awareness, so I want each of you to distribute at least 50 of them. The print is a bit expensive for being a craft and the mantle is about two meters by 80 centimeters. The cost of the coat is $ 4 and the SEVA India is making a great effort to produce and distribute. It's so educational that every grhasta should make it their duty hanging it in his house too. It is a cloak that makes us remember our services in Vrindavan, for all of you to continue to support it.
I want to tell you about the other day how we had a meeting of the Braj Vrindavan Heritage Alliance where we got the opportunity to lead awareness in Vrindavan in an official manner.
So far everything has been a little semi-official because of my activism, but now at this meeting we were commissioned in this area. The other reason is that we have dedicated to produce conscientious materials in Hindi and English, such as this mantle that we are producing now in Spanish. This mantle is a wall decoration, a factor which must be everywhere. It has awareness in every way: such as not using plastic bags, polyethylene, but also an incentive to read the sacred books, etc.. So people can become conscious of many things. Because in reality we are very unconscious.
How long have you had good working compost? Very few. And that is a statement of our commitment to the environment from the Vrinda family. And I've tried to do this mantle in a way that is very non - sectarian. These are messages from the heart of the mission, and values ​​associated with science. I hope you enjoy this mantle and encourage it to be hanged. This mantle is well publicized and all that it is going to cause is to bring us more friendships. Because it is very broad and it is very important, without amplitude I could not work with all environmental groups, indigenous groups, try to help them feel all the great information from our acaryas that everyone should try to be happy living in healthy ways.
For me it would be a great satisfaction to see these mantles in conscious schools like Waldorf and such organizations, so that people become more and more aware. This was a product made in the office of Vrindavan when thinking about preaching to reach the world. So, please cooperate with this new contribution we have made, because its aim is to unite our efforts with organic farms, and voluntary work. At this link everything is there.

The situation of cleaning Vrindavan is more intensified, for this I thank all the devotees who have helped us, because it’s a very beautiful project for Vrindavan by which our mission is helping in many ways. Thanks to our friend Chandi and KPS Gill, we have been participating and been involved in one of the most revolutionary changes that Vrindavan has seen in the past 30 years. Rather, thanks to the efforts we made with them, Yamuna moved about 300 yards to the original ghats at the height of Cheer Ghat. In fact you could do the same above, at the height of the temple of Madan Mohan, but this would be a future project looking at the plans that Lord Krishna has for us, because every time they come in great waters in the rainy season there is a change of scenery.
The reason that the Yamuna was so far from Vrindavan was because its natural channel was filled with sand and materials from destroyed houses during the past 100 years.
So gradually the Yamuna was sent away from Vrindavan and the fatal blow was when the government wanted to make the bridge in front of the Keshi Ghat, which was to destroy the landscape of Vrindavan as a whole, which also caused the big problem that the sewage from Vrindavan (which have been completely neglected until now) not only flowed to the river, but gathered in a lake that almost was poisoning the groundwater in Vrindavan.
So, with this step to bring the Yamuna back, we solve the problem most dangerous, because there is no standing water and boats can take a trip back in front of the ghats, very beautiful. Something we could not imagine a few months ago when we made the first excavation with shovels to reach the river again. This step also committed us to other work that we had planned but we were backed up and it was that the solids from the waste water no longer reach the Yamuna. So for this, these days we installed three grids, one very large and very expensive because the wastewater comes into the sewage… of about 20 neighborhoods and we are doing a check before this reaches the Yamuna’s drain to stop the materials to arrive in this direction. And now comes the second part of organizing these grids and that’s to be cleaned daily so as not to cause a flood of sewage on the beach.
Then all the garbage that is out there has to dry (it is wet) and is transported to the landfill to the city official. There is enough work and we are trying to motivate people to participate, which somehow it is going on. For example, we just finished putting on, with help from Chandi stone seats in front of the Yamuna, so that older people can sit and the beach is becoming a very nice and caring environment, which was once a contaminated landfill and frightening, where people who wanted to reach the Yamuna had to walk miles, because the river was very far. So we are progressing, although there is little we have done.
And we just got back P. Amal, who was in the south of India who will join our effort to clean the Yamuna overseeing our team of 6 workers and volunteers, a team that we are just forming. We are also cooperating very closely with the organization of my friend Rupa Raghunath of Sandipani Muni School with the issue of transportation of garbage, etc.. and is creating an atmosphere every time even better for Vrindavan.
In this last BVHA meeting we practically received the responsibility to commit for cleaning the Yamuna and that gives us the freedom to say what we are representing to all vrajavasis and we have very good friends among them. All this has also created a new air for Vrinda Kunja, because each of our devotees has been active, daily, in cleaning and supervising the workers. Also P. Amal has become a supervisor to ensure that all our work is accomplished. So I really ask that each temple of Vrinda make a good collection for Vrindavan and Mayapur, and people who live outside of the temple has a chance to send even a small donation per person to support the service to the Dham.
That's a great purification and allows them to be part of the development of Vrindavan.
Moreover, it has also helped us keep our team here, because India is not as cheap as before. When I started the temples of Vrindavan we survived off of $1000 to $1500 per month and today our expenses have increased, reaching $4000 per month to cover all the projects we are doing here, including the temples at Mayapur. Therefore, the fact that Vrinda Mission is more aware of these developments it seems very appropriate, especially considering that different tours and devotees come to Vrindavan and Mayapur and here they can find your cause. For example:
Right now I have a big decision, as we have several places in Vrinda Kunja fenced to prevent the monkeys from destroying the plants, but now they have several years and have begun to break. And I can put networks of the same material again, but investing the triple we can get some covered with a thick wire and stainless steel that can last 20 to 30 years, but it is a significant expense for our temples. For this we need the help of all the temples for India. That makes our devotees feel very supported here. Please consider that you send donations to India barely out of the pockets of the temple, but from the enthusiasm of the friends of Krishna who start worrying about collecting and work for Vrindavan.
The same will bring many curious friends to come to visit and see the Dham and deepen their Krishna Consciousness. If each church maintains a worker, which are $100 per month, this is a great support to Vrindavan and also to all the devotees who are part of team working and supervising our SEVA. For example, mother Rukmini of Chile was in charge for 6 months for cleaning and did a very dedicated and very beautiful service, they left the entire Tatha Sthan site completely clean. And now we have a team much more stable.
Do not feel that I want to divert your attention from your own communities or organic farms; I just want to have the opportunity to benefit the Dham by making a small service to the Dham. Please go ahead and enthusiastically keep creating awareness that we are a mission that wants create Vrindavan in the world.
For our Gurudeva, Srila Prabhupada clearly emphasized that we must clean Vrindavan, restore the temples and worship the deity of Lord Krishna, and this latter is what you do very well everywhere. In fact, caring for the family in India Vrinda has been a very nice job, considering this a wonderful opportunity to be together once a year in the Braj Mandal Parikramas which have been exemplary, because through them we have cleaned many sites sacred Dhams which were far from Vrindavan like Maan Sarovar, Ter Kadamba, Kusum Sarovar ...
We also have the current program to make beautiful gardens in Vrindavan, what we are doing in Radha Gopinath Mandir today. Many devotees have come to help when they have been part of our group parikrama. Now I will begin a new tour of Europe and South America, to meet again with all of you who are serving every day our Lord.
I would like to stay in each preaching center at least a month, but I don’t have this time, so I try to devote myself to the devotees in writing, in my prayers, through recorded lectures, messages in the Sunday chat, etc. . I ask you not feel bad if I cannot physically be in the temples, but I rather try to choose the places where most devotees can come so we can meet everyone. It makes me very sad that devotees feel bad about it. We continue forward in this struggle to please Srila Prabhupada. I leave all my love and a happy day of Ram Navami here in India (although in the West it was yesterday), Jay Srila Prabhupada!
Your always well wisher,
Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti.

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