Fighting for the protection of the environment: India 1/27/13

Sripad Bv. Mangal Maharaja cleaning Vridavan Dham

Dear devotees of Vrinda Mission,

Greetings from Allahadbad!

Today was a classic day, because it was declared, with a big hug in the Triveni, to fight for Mother Earth, we must unite our strengths without philosophical differences. His Grace, Chidananda Sarasvati Muniji, with no doubt took the leadership in India for the awareness of environment. He also agreed that we must get involved with the fight.

Each individual must be part of the fight for the protection of the environment and of how we in the Vrinda Mission, work hard for the protection of Nature, must work hard to be representatives at our temples and not consume products that harm the environment, nor products that comes from multinationals that exploit the Earth. We must get healthy and organic food, and even better still if it comes from local producers.

At Vrinda Kunja we decided to prohibit the use of plastic bags. Because they are very harmful and it makes no sense that every day we see people collecting plastic at the Yamuna, but we keep using it at the temple. The World Conscious Pact is the natural answer. The only way the people can understand the seriousness of this topic is to become aware of it.

Today we  bathed at the "sangam", the place where the Yamuna, Ganges and Sarasvati rivers meet, and before we dive in, we happily cleaned it together.

With these words I say goodbye for today.

We still have a few weeks at the Kunbha Mela, and follow with making lasting changes for the protection of Mother Earth. Thanks to Srila Prabhupad we have received the mercy to be able to always preach: at any time and any place. That is why we are in Allahabad, performing a bit of tapasya to preach the message of Srila Prabhupad. 

Devotional service is the only thing that can help make a change in people's lives, that is why we must take the message of devotional service to all those we meet. This is the life of a preacher.

I wish you a beautiful beginning of the week, full of ecstasy in preaching. Distribute many messages of consciousness and bring many new friends to the temple.

A big hug from the heart. Keep going.

With affection,
Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti

Jay Srila Prabhupad!

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