Translating Personal Abilities & Our Internal Search into Practical Positive Actions 1/5/14

Colombia Coast Conference

My dearest devotees
I send all my love from the coast of Colombia .

The theme of the Chat today is how to translate our personal abilities & our internal search into practical positive actions for the world.

With this topic in mind I would like to offer my personal appreciation to really define what it means to become a real person. Becoming real means being honest with God and with everyone else.

Truthfulness means to follow the teachings of Guru, Sadhu and Sastra and to not speculate. We must not create fantasies or illusions about philosophy. Veracity means determination to be connected daily with the Srimad Bhagavatam, because the scriptures are our medicine against hypocrisy and falsehood.

Those who fail to connect daily with the Srimad Bhagavatam do not have the opportunity to develop healthy spiritual growth process. The Srimad Bhagavatam is the guide to develop a special sensitivity to the truth.

So it is clear that the * truth * is the first element that must be considered in the process of delivering our hearts in service. Truth in sanskrit is satyam . The second element is sivam, auspiciousness. And it refers to anything that pleases Krishna, Guru and Vaishnavas. So the question arises :
How to bring auspiciousness into our lives?

Well, it all starts with determination, becoming a consistent person .
Determination should be something always present in life. We should even underline it three times to take the important need: determination, determination and determination. As a kshatriya ... they followed the principle that if they promised something three times they rather die before not keeping their word. That should be the strength of our determination.

What am I determined to do? What is the purpose of my life? The lotus feet of Sri Radha Govinda should be the goal. The lotus feet of my Gurudeva ...
" pujala raga-patha gaurava bhange"

That was a phrase that Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur frequently use to say.
This meditation brings us to remember that we are servants and we must do what Sri Radha- Krishna and my Gurudeva want me to do. I will give an example:

The first time I came face to face with my Gurudeva was in Paris , in one way or another I got to his room and it was full of people and, in one way or another, I could give my obeisances to his lotus feet. And so, just as I was coming back up Srila Prabhupada looked at me and said:

"Occupy the rest of your life to give to others what I have given you ".

And so, the first sentence that he said, the first time I saw him in person, he gave me a job for life. Not just something for the next three weeks, but a task for life. And that has become the focus of my life. The object of my determination. I have nothing else to do more than that.

I was looking for a Guru and he gave me lifetime service. I am very grateful for that fact. Finding the Spiritual Master is really a profound change for life.

Therefore, determination is very important. Determination is needed to have an auspicious life in service. Thus, the first two characteristics satyam ( truthfulness) and sivam ( auspiciousness ) correspond to very high ideals, now I'm going to talk about the third, sundaram.

What does sundaram mean ? I tell you with an example:
If a candle is beautiful, then 100 candles are even more beautiful ... So the logic is : get millions of beautiful candles so that everything becomes beautiful.

That's a metaphor that teaches us that everything we do should be done to the highest maximum of beauty possible . If you want to preach about Krishna in the Internet, you have to make the best effort, attention to detail is needed. For that you have to learn to make web pages, do the designs to make it pretty, learn how everything works on the web, so you can better promote your site , etc. . . . You have to train yourself properly for it.

The beauty is directly related to the intent that is put behind things that are done. Something done with honesty and pure intent is beautiful. And we should worry that things are done beautifully, that they are well made and well maintained. The beauty has meaning, if something is not beautiful then we do not give importance to it. What is true beauty? It is the beauty of the heart. And this beauty is manifested in action. It is like a beautiful chef who feeds others only with beautiful thoughts. He has to cook with beauty (with dedication) so that others eat. It's real. And how to apply beauty in everyday life? Well let all your actions become beautiful, everything you do should be done with increased dedication. To beautify explicitly means working hard for something. Working to make it look beautiful.

Beauty : work and dedication.
Satyam, sivam and sundaram : truth , auspiciousness and beauty is Vrindavan
The land of the personification of satyam , sivam , sumdaram ... the place of Srimati Radharani. The highest truth, auspiciousness and beauty.

That is why I am very involved with maintaining Vrindavan and Yamuna clean and beautiful, because they are essentially beautiful and should not be so contaminated. I feel Vrindavan should be glorious, that the beautiful temples and the worshiping of the deity must be wonderful . That's what Srila Prabhupada taught us and that's part of my own devotion. And my Gurudeva said: Transmit to others how beautiful Krsna is... and I have devoted myself to that over the years. I really want the glories of Sri Krsna to be disseminated without boundaries and that everyone can see them and fall in love ... that is why I feel that I have to help in the search for solutions to maintain the holy places like Vrindavan and Mayapur beautiful and clean. Same with our churches and farms. They should also be an example of satyam, sivam, sundaram. To achieve the opportunity to keep ourselves guided under these three features there is a great need of patience. Patience, determination and good organization.

And how do you organize everything correctly?

The first step of good organization is observation and that is found in the brahmacari life which translates into action of performing "sravanam" or to listen, listen and listen to the instructions of our acaryas. Our Spiritual Masters descended to this world not just to entertain, they came to tell us what are the right activities to perform in life. Please do not be negligent with this message. Apply it in your lives. It is basic ... one chooses to live in preyas or sreyas.

If your actions are focused on getting an immediate result of things then one is in preyas,  you are not thinking about the future or consequences ... The events in preyas only have negative results in the future .

However, sreyas is the way of wisdom . We have to look at things. Observe, observe and observe ... learn and apply, apply, apply. Why do we learn if we will not apply what we learn? There is no need to waste your time learning something if you will not then implement it. Apply!

In the same way , in spiritual life we must see how things unfold and act under sreyas: considering the consequences that everything we do is going to bring something in the future. We must act while considering the impact of what we do. So we must act properly and that's always harder to do than doing the wrong thing .

Acting correctly requires dedication, care, and attention and that is all of a personal nature ... it applies to us and our relationships with others. Many details to take care of. It's not easy. Beautify, beautify and beautify it is not something external. It is not just about putting some lights around here and other relics there. It is internal, dedication, sacrifice ... It is the inner treasure within each of us.
Beauty is directly related to love. If you feel love than you want to do things beautifully. Or to put it in another way , when you have love for some thing then naturally it comes out beautiful .

Love makes things take significant importance and what is important we also want it to be beautiful.
That 's what we've learned from the Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam, the most important person, the most truthful, the most auspicious, and the most beautiful is called Krsna and He loves Radha  and she is the personification of satyam, sivam, sundaram. And Krsna is so charming that Radha, the embodiment of beauty, auspiciousness and truthfulness, loves Him more than anything in life.

And if you want to understand more about all this and want to enter into this world of perfection, beauty and love, then you have to give your heart completely. You have to surrender your existence to the most profound love. Give what is most sacred to you. Without it you will never enter the world of love. Srila Sridhar Maharaj used to call Krsna : "The wonderful wonder of all wonders " There is nothing more wonderful and amazing than Sri Krsna, He is the Supreme Beauty,  The Infinity Enchanter....
And How to link to that?

If you really want to reach the top and surrender the best of you, undoubtedly some will do. If you're not ready to give the best of yourself, you will not be able to achieve the best. It all depends on your ability to appreciate in knowing what is real and what you have to do to get the best. You can not buy Krsna in the corner store, you can not photocopy or make a pirated copy, no. You can not copy the bhakti in that manner. You must be ready to give whatever you have in the highest manner and only at that time can you understand how wonderful God is, beauty personified.

He is present at every moment, we are just not able to appreciate it. Krsna is manifested in the beauty of a flower, the beauty of a tamal tree, in the beauty of the Vaishnava.... Krsna Himself  wants you to make Him the goal of your life. That He becomes your life and soul. Then you will be able to see things that your eyes and your senses are not able to perceive.

Those are my words to you today. I thank you for reading them.
May the blessings of Srila Prabhupada fall on you in this new year.

With All my affection
Jay Srila Prabhupada!

Your always well wisher,
Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti .

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